Straps, Wraps & Grips

Lifting straps aid grip on heavy weights like deadlifts, while wrist wraps offer stability in exercises stressing wrists. Knee wraps provide support during lower body workouts. Grip enhancers like chalk and lifting hooks enhance overall grip strength. These accessories are essential for weightlifters, promoting safety and performance in strength training.

Straps, Wraps & Grips

Lifting Straps: 

Lifting straps are commonly used in weightlifting to improve grip on heavy lifts like deadlifts and rows. They loop around the wrist and the barbell or dumbbell, reducing the reliance on grip strength alone and allowing for better focus on targeted muscle engagement.

Wrist Wraps:

Wrist wraps provide support and stability to the wrists during heavy lifting or exercises that put stress on the wrists. They are commonly used in activities like weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit to prevent overextension and promote proper wrist positioning.

Knee Wraps:

Knee wraps offer compression and support to the knees during squats, lunges, and other lower body exercises. They help stabilize the knee joint and can be particularly beneficial for powerlifters and individuals recovering from knee injuries.

Grip Enhancers:

Various grip enhancers, such as liquid chalk, lifting chalk, or grip pads, can improve hand grip during weightlifting exercises. They reduce sweat and enhance friction between the hands and the barbell or weights, preventing slipping and improving overall grip strength.

Lifting Hooks:

Lifting hooks are designed to assist with gripping heavy weights. They have a hook shape that allows the barbell or dumbbell to rest in the curve of the hand, reducing the strain on the fingers and grip.

These accessories are valuable for weightlifters and strength trainers, offering support and protection to key joints and enhancing grip strength during challenging exercises.