Casein Protein

Labrada CASEIN Protein Dutch Chocolate 1kg

Labrada CASEIN Protein Dutch Chocolate 1kg is a high-quality, delicious casein protein supplement. Casein is a slowly digested milk protein that is high in muscle-building amino acids, making it perfect for nighttime use or any other time that you need a protein that will “stay with you” for several hours.

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Casein protein powder is one of the most underrated protein powders and people may not recognize its benefits. But it is a great source of protein and shares almost the same nutrient value as whey protein. It keeps you satiated for long hours and digests very slowly. It is an affordable protein which is ideal for bodybuilders and even normal people who workout.

What is Casein Protein?

Casein and whey protein both are derived from the milk. The manufacturing is done similar to the cheese making process. Casein protein powder is an affordable protein supplement which is ideal to keep you full for long hours and provide the same benefits as that of whey protein. It is usually advised to take it before bedtime due to its slow digestion. It is commonly used as a post workout supplement.

Casein vs Whey Protein

Casein protein

Whey protein

It digests slower

It digests relatively fast

It has lower BCAA

It has relatively high BCAA

It has relatively lower protein synthesis

It increases protein synthesis

Good for appetite control

Does not control appetite

Little Costly

Comparatively Cheaper

Contains less lactose

Higher in lactose

Best as food items

Best with shakes

Casein protein benefits

There are many advantages of including casein protein in your routine, some of them are listed below:

  1. It takes 7 hours to break down casein protein which helps in preventing muscle loss
  2. It provides essential amino acids which makes casein protein the most preferred protein among bodybuilders and athletes
  3. It helps to fight infections and supports immunity. Its potent antioxidant activities and antibacterial qualities prevent infections and lessen the likelihood of free radical damage.
  4. Casein protein is also found to reduce the obesity
  5. It keeps you satiated for long as your body takes a long time to break it down and digest it. It will stay in your stomach for hours keeping you full.
  6. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol in your body.

    How To Take Casein Protein Powder

    Casein Protein powder can be taken as casein protein shake. It is usually added in puddings and ice cream. You can take it with water & milk. Try making innovative recipes out of it like cupcakes and muffins, you can even make pancakes using it as a side ingredient if you do not like its taste.

    Casein Powder Dosage

    The intake of casein protein depends on person to person. It will be according to a person’s activity levels, gender, nutritional requirement, etc.

    1 to 2 scoop (20 to 40g) contains enough protein to support your body’s total protein needs. For a person with a sedentary to moderately active person’s RDA should be around 0.8 to 1g/kg body weight.

    Whereas, a highly active person should take around 1.2 to 2g/kg body weight in an entire day.

    Always check with your doctor with regard to your need for a protein supplement and keep a habit of reading labels on how much protein one serving provides you.

    Casein protein side effects

    There are no harmful side effects of casein protein if taken in the right quantity. You should check with your health care practitioner about how much quantity is suitable for you. Overdose may cause kidney stones and may even prove harmful for the liver.

    What casein protein is the best?

    It would be difficult to say which one would be the best but some of the trustable brands are: on casein protein, muscle blaze, MP combat, labrada etc.

    Casein protein powder price

    It normally costs approximately 2999 rs for 1 kg. But depending upon different brands and quantity casein protein price may vary. Since the cost of supplements for the gym is higher than that of many other items, some people may try to imitate the names of authentic products and offer subpar or contaminated versions of them. Never choose an option that is too inexpensive or if the packaging seems suspect. Be extremely cautious when purchasing such supplements. Always choose the reputable retailer.

    Where to buy casein protein?

    You can buy casein protein from your nearest supplement outlet. Although, the best platform to buy casein protein online is which provides 100% genuine health and fitness supplements at affordable prices. They offer you authenticity and on time delivery so you won't have to find time to go to the market to get yours, you can just order your gym supplements from home.