Avvatar L-Glutamine, 250 g

Avvatar L-Glutamine is a dietary supplement that is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Bpi Sport Best Glutamine, 300 Gm (60 Servings)

BPI Sports Best Glutamine Powder is used for a faster recovery, increased energy and overall improved health and wellness.

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GAT Sports L-Glutamine, 300g

GAT L-Glutamine is pure amino acid and potent enough to be used by some of the world’s greatest physique & performance athletes. Each serving supplies 5.0g of high-quality L-Glutamine.

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Gibbon Glutamine 250 Gms (50 Servings) | Unflavoured

Glutamine Powerhouse: Elevate Your Recovery and Fuel Your Performance with the Vitality of Glutamine, Unleashing Optimal Muscle Repair and Immune Support!

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GNC L-Glutamine Powder, 250 gms

5000 Mg l-glutamine key amino acid for muscles. Fuels the immune system pro performance quality pro performance l-glutamine is tested and certified banned substance free. It is gluten free, lactose-free and mixes easily with your favorite beverage.

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Labrada Glutalean Glutamine Powder, 250g

Labrada GlutaLean 250gm is specifically made for those who are seeking some serious fitness goals and are looking toward gaining muscle mass. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and is important for several body mechanisms including muscle growth.

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Muscletech Essential Series Platinum 100% Glutamine

Glutamine Powder makes up more than 20% of the amino acids in your body. When you work out, it’s used for various metabolic functions, most importantly, producing energy.

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MuscleTech Platinum Glutamine, 0.67 lbs, 300 gm, Unflavored

Platinum 100 percent casein platinum 100 percent casein uses only ultra pure, cold pressed micro filtered casein micelles, unlike other formulas.

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One Science Complex Pro Glutamine, 300 Gms | Unflavoured

Rapid muscle cell recovery

Each Serving contains 5g L-Glutamine

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Proence Glutamine Powder | Muscle Growth and Recovery, 300 gram, Unflavoured

Glutamine has recently been the focus of much scientific interest. A growing body of evidence suggests that under certain circumstances, the body may require more Glutamine than it can produce. During these times Glutamine may be considered a "conditionally essential" amino acid.

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Importance of Glutamine in life

The benefits of glutamine are well known to all bodybuilders’ sprinters, athletes and gymnasts. Hence, for this reason, it has become an obligatory ingredient for all to be incorporated before or after the training sessions. It is the chief source of energy and assists the individual’s body to restore glycogen. Since it is one of the significant carbon and nitrogen donors, it assists in repairing and building of muscles.

Mind-boggling benefits of Glutamine:

The benefits of glutamine are primarily linked with protein synthesis. This implausible component safeguards your muscles from being eaten up. When glutamine reaches our various cells and tissues, it acts as a powerhouse of energy.

It increases volume of our cells and tissues and keep them in well hydrated condition.

It speeds up recovery of wounds and heals burns. It is a wonderful supplement to be used for the recovery of damaged body parts.

At the time of extreme workout conditions, when our body fails to perform further, glutamine supplements replenishes declined glutamine level and encourages us to continue with our sessions. It is an important element for muscle protein.

Surprisingly, practitioners also support its usage because it plays a vital role in repair of leaky gut. It offers necessary nourishment for our intestine and maintains structural integrity of viscera.

Glutamine boosts our immunity and assists us to combat against myriad of health ailments. It is a significant component for all those who perform excessive of physical workouts. It’s because, at this point of time, glutamine levels get depleted intensely.

Many researchers recommend it for treating ulcers. Studies state that 1.6 grams of it on regular basis supports the patients with 92% of recovery within a span of 4 weeks.

Being a significant component of amino acids, it aids in muscle metabolism too and supports cells and encourages you to embark on realistic ventures.

  • It produces ammonium by regulating acid base balance in the individual’s kidney.
  • It is next source of energy for cells after glucose.
  • It donates nitrogen for performing anabolic processes in addition to synthesis of purines.
  • Glutamine is a source of carbon and refills the citric acid cycles in human’s body.
  • Surprisingly, it is a non-toxic carrier of ammonia in blood.
  • Bodybuilders and weight lifters employ it for muscle growth.

It reduces healing time after surgeries are conducted. It improves nitrogen balances, recovery of lymphocytes and intestinal permeability in post operative patients.

Sources of Glutamine: Beef, chicken, spinach, parsley, dairy products, milk, wheat, beets, cabbage, beans and spinach are some of the natural sources of glutamine. However, if you cannot consume them on daily basis, get glutamine in the form of supplements. Buy them through online supplement store and stay in a healthy and vigorous state.