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Gym Dumbbells are a form of free weight used in a large number of resistance-based exercises for building strength and muscle. Popular at most home gyms, dumbbells provide great grip strength and superior ergonomics over most other free weights. Indiasupplement.com website have huge range Dumbbells which are available in a variety of weights and shapes, shop for individual or sets of dumbbells.

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Heavy free weights used in exercise such as dumbbells should be made from top quality material as their careful handling is of utmost importance. Handles providing better grip, secure screws on the plates and high-quality plate material help in avoiding gym accidents. Available in different shapes and colors, these dumbbells are aesthetically pleasing while being functional at the same time. Dumbbells with hexagonal or triangular plates help avoid rolling off of these dumbbells while the rubber, neoprene or vinyl plated ones ensure a long life.

Get the Most out of your Workouts with High Quality Dumbbell Sets

For performing an entire gamut of exercises, having a dumbbell set consisting of variable weights is necessary. With sets consisting of weight plates, rods and screws, you can perform resistance exercises such as dumbbell rows, bicep curls, squats, lunges, bench press, shrugs and a lot more. These sets contain coated weight plates that last longer than standard plates and protect it from rust. Whether the purpose is to build muscle, tone your body or lose fat, these dumbbells sets can be the most indispensable tool in your exercise kit.