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Collagen Supplements : Why should you take it?

In this era of quick living and workaholics we sometimes forget to take care of our body. The world is changing fast and we are also looking for quick and easy methods to take care of our skin and youthfulness in a short stretch of time.

Collagen peptide is one of the supplements which is nowadays gaining popularity due to the promises made by celebrities and nutraceutical companies that it has anti aging benefits. So what is collagen? Does it really work? Let’s find out.


Our bodies contain large amounts of collagen, a type of protein whose primary role is to act as connective tissue, joining one tissue to another. Given that it is a primary component of bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and other connective tissues. It provides them strength and stretchiness. (study)

One can get collagen from many food sources like poultry, fish, eggs etc. But, it is not found in any plant sources. However, there are some of the plants which can be taken as raw material to produce collagen in our body.

As we age our body gradually reduces the collagen production. Along with that the major culprit of reduction in collagen production in our body are smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight, excessive smoking, lack of sleep etc. By the time we age the complex but organized network of collagen fibers changes itself to an unorganized maze; it all happens in deep skin layers hence, physical changes are too negligible to be seen in the initial stages.

Constant environmental exposure can lead to loss of strength and elasticity of collagen which ultimately leads to wrinkled skin and saggy eye bags.

Types of collagen

Collagen makes up 30% of our body’s protein. There are 28 types of collagen in total, but 5 of them are most important:

TYPE 1: this makes up 90% of the collagen in your body, usually found in skin, bones, ligaments, tendons.

TYPE 2: this type of collagen provides joint support and it is present in the elastic cartilage. It also cushions your spine.

TYPE 3: It is one of the most important component of reticular fibers and is usually found in arteries, muscles and organs

TYPE 4: this type of collagen is found in layers of the skin

TYPE 5: this is a type which is usually found in hair, some layers of skin and eyes.

Food sources of collagen

Some of the food sources which contain collagen are:


Red meat: Red meat is one of the important sources of collagen. Food items like tough portions of connective tissue-filled beef like pot roast, brisket, and chuck steak contain high amounts of collagen. However, the consumption of red meat in excess amounts can also lead to some health complications like high cholesterol.

Bone broth: Bone broth has a simple making procedure and it can be used to make various soups and gravies. We must know that different kinds of bones contain different quantities of collagen.

Gelatin: It is made by boiling different animal parts like bones, cartilage and skin in a pot for several hours. The collagen is dissolved in the water and a collagen rich gel like structure is formed.(Study)


Plants do not contain collagen but compounds present in them can boost collagen production in your body. Zinc is a mineral that is required for the manufacturing of collagen therefore foods rich in zinc may help you to improve the production of Collagen. Some of such foods are: beans, meats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Citrus fruits, berries, leafy greens, bell peppers, and tomatoes are good sources of vitamin C which is also required for its creation.

Collagen supplement: is it important?

Collagen peptides are the typical collagen supplement that is found in the market; it comes as a powder or a pill. They mostly contain 2 or 3 amino acids (simplified form of protein). Collagen peptide is actually a type of animal protein which can not be absorbed as a whole and has to be simplified into smaller peptides. In hydrolyzed form it can be easily absorbed in our gastrointestinal tract.

Various studies have shown that taking a collagen supplement daily can help one to improve their bone texture, making them stronger as aging can have a harmful effect on our bone density. It also helps to improve skin hydration and brings back skin elasticity in older people.

Benefits of collagen peptides

Besides the benefits mentioned above collagen supplements also provide various other benefits like:

Makes bone stronger: as your age advances the chances or reduced bone density are higher which may put you at the risk of osteoporosis, it makes your bones prone to easy breakdown and damage and the chances of fractures are higher. According to a study, having collagen supplements may restore the bone structure and strength

Relieve joint pain: One of the major functions of collagen is to act as an elastic and rubber-like connective tissue between the cartilages. If your body lacks enough collagen it may lead to osteoarthritis which is a condition in which the cushioning of the joints wears out which leads to friction between the bones. It can cause enormous amounts of pain in the joints.

According to a study, having collagen peptides helps one to fight osteoarthritis.

Improves skin health: collagen is an important and major component of your skin. As the age advances it leads to deterioration of collagen from our body which may leave our skin wrinkly and dry. Having collagen supplements everyday may help you to delay skin aging and restore the skin hydration making it soft and supple.

May improve gut health: according to a theory collagen has gut healing benefits. According to a study in the patients suffering from IBD(inflammatory bowel disease) there was an imbalance of breakdown and formation of collagen fibers. It has been seen that patients with IBDs usually have reduced amounts of type 4 collagen. Taking collagen peptide may help you to replenish its stores and improve gut health.

Some of the other health benefits are:

  • It may strengthen your nails and improve hair texture
  • It may improve anxiety symptoms
  • It may also help in weight management.
  • It may boost the production of muscle mass

Although more research is required to support these benefits.

How to consume collagen peptides?

Most collagen supplements come in hydrolyzed form. There is no particular way of taking collagen peptides. Various studies suggest that the right dosage for an adult should be between 2.5 to 15 grams per day to get the optimum health benefits.

It can be consumed in many forms. You can add it in your milk shakes, baked goods, even your tea and coffee.

Some of the best brands for collagen peptides

One can choose from the variety of popular brands. Hear it from the expert, never go for a brand which does not have all the required quality assurance signs. Some of the trustable brands are: health kart, ozivia, nutrova, dr, morepen’s marine collagen etc. Such brands are easily available in the supplement store near you or you can also order them from India which has a wide range and options of collagen peptides to choose from.