Soy Protein

Soya protein is known to be a less popular source of protein, there are conflicting views on soy's suitability as the greatest protein source, many people favor it above other sources of protein. People who follow vegetarian or vegan diets usually take soy protein powder as it is made from many plant sources and no animals are harmed in the process.

What is soy protein powder?

Soya bean is a kind of legume that has much higher concentration of protein than that of rajma or chickpeas, which makes it suitable for making a protein powder. Dehulled and defatted soybean meal is used to make it. It has 3 types:

  1. Soy flour
  1. Soy protein powder concentrate
  1. Soy protein powder isolate

From soy protein powder isolate, which is widely used in the food and meat industries, to soy flour (because of soybean powder protein), which is a substitute for wheat flour, attempts have been made to extract the advantageous components from this plant.

Soy Protein Isolate Vs Concentrate

Soy protein concentrate

Soy protein isolate

Earthy flavor not everyone can take it

Almost no taste anyone can take it

Textured consistency

Smooth consistency

Relatively less digestible

Relatively more digestible

Soy powder protein content (soy protein powder isolate)

Nutritional content

1 scoop(28g) soy protein powder isolate


95 kcals


25 g


1 g


0 g


0 g

Soy protein powder benefits

Depending on your dietary preferences and your fitness objectives, you can enjoy the benefits of soy protein in a variety of ways. Here are the nutritional benefits for soy protein:

  • Soya protein helps to manage cholesterol levels by reducing LDL or bad cholesterol levels from the body. Reducing it will even help to increase the concentration of serum HDL or good cholesterol which is good for heart health.
  • It helps to increase your protein intake while keeping your carbs and fats levels down. It helps to manage weight. Infact, The isoflavones may also help to prevent internal organ fat buildup.
  • The higher concentration of isoflavones in it may even help to prevent the risk of prostate and breast cancer. 
  • It may help to prevent hypertension by reducing the blood pressure.
  • During menopause also, it is beneficial for you take it. As it has phytoestrogens which may help you to recover from hormonal disturbances.
  • Soy protein powder helps one to manage their sugar levels as well. It may benefit you to manage type II as well.
  • Due to its ease of digestion, the concentrated form is also beneficial for expectant mothers and young children.
  • One other small benefit is that it is great for your skin. The effect isoflavones have on skin health is a slight advantage that needs more research

    Soy protein powder side effects

    When taken for up to 6 months, dietary supplements containing soy extracts may be considered safe. If taken longer than that, there may be issues of constipation, bloating, and nausea. In certain people, it can also result in allergic reactions that include rash, itching, and breathing difficulties.

    Soy protein powder India

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