Egg Protein

Egg protein supplement

Eggs are packed with proteins. It can be challenging to maintain a balanced diet in our fast-paced society, which might result in inadequate protein intake and taking eggs everyday just like that may not only seem boring but difficult as well. As the solution we have egg protein powder. Egg protein powder is a rather newer kind of protein powder unlike whey protein or plant which is already being used by people all around.

What is egg white powder made of?

Protein powder is usually made by concentrating protein from the main source like hemp, soya, whey, plant protein etc. Egg protein powder is essentially the pure protein that has been removed from eggs and powdered. Egg white: it is a part of protein which surrounds the egg yolk in an egg. Egg protein supplement is egg white itself in the powdered form.

On the basis of calculations the characteristics of egg white protein are very similar to that of many other protein powders. It has high concentration of protein and low concentration of carbohydrate and fat.

Egg protein powder vs whey

Following the nutritional difference between egg white protein powder and whey protein powder. Both of them contain almost similar calories and protein. There are no fats or carbohydrates in egg white protein while whey protein powder contains a small amount of both. In general egg protein content per 100g is 11g in concentrated powdered form. It becomes much more per scoop. 1 scoop of egg protein powder 25 g of protein which is almost similar to eating 6 egg protein which gives you 21 g of protein. 6 egg white protein concentrated in just 1 scoop seems very convenient.


Egg white protein powder (28g per scoop)

Whey protein powder

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Egg protein powder benefits

The benefits of egg white protein are pretty similar to that of whey protein but in addition it is also lactose free, so if you are lactose intolerant feel free to inculcate egg protein powder in your diet. Let us find out what are its advantages:

Excellent quality protein: egg white protein has a high protein concentration in its powdered form not only that but it also has a great quality. Egg is known to be of high biological value and has correct amino acid balance. It is also known as “perfect protein”.

  • It might Enhance Physical Performance and Body Composition: According to recent research, egg protein powder is known to improve resistance training.
  • Lactose free: if you are lactose intolerant and are not able to egg proper protein from diet feel free to take egg protein powder. For starting you can put egg in protein shake and avoid yolk part if you wish to reduce fat from your food.
  • Reduces wastage: many times people only eat eggs for protein and not fat in that case they mostly have to throw away egg yellow. It saves that trouble and you can enjoy egg white protein only by having powder.
  • Prevents high cholesterol: egg white has a minimum amount of saturated fats and cholesterol which help you to manage high cholesterol.

    Best egg protein powder in India

    Some of the best egg white protein powders brands available in the market are PhD, MRM, Jay Robb, and Healthy hey etc.

    Egg white powder price is usually around Rs 2700 per kg and above, depending on brand to brand and quality of protein powder. Egg white powder India is available on which is a great platform for all your supplement needs, you can find a wide variety of egg protein powder India at affordable prices at your doorstep.