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../article-images/img_thumb_abs_stupefying.jpg An Approach towards Stupefying Abs

Who is not crazy for stupefying abs? The six pack abs is big dream of many of us including me and you. This is the most sought after goal and the most impeccable workout practice for achieving good looks. When we have enticing abdominal muscles, we not only look attractive with high sex appeal but also cut down on the risk of injuries improving our performances on daily basis. Rock hard abs is not only the symbol of healthy and great body but also assist us to trim down our waist line eliminating the back pain.

../article-images/img_thumb_abs_dissimilarities_male_female.jpg What are the Core Dissimilarities between the Male and Female Abs?

We all seek for a sculpting figure despite what our gender is. Six pack abs make our looks attractive displaying our sexy image. However, you would be shocked to know that both men and women have to follow different schedules to attain those ripped images. For both of them, the ripped abs training programme is different. 

../article-images/img_thumb_abs_effective_equipments.jpg The Most Effective Abdominal Equipments Required for Six Pack Abs

Six pack abs is in everybody’s body and is demand of many. In contemporary times, washboard abs has become everybody’s necessity because we all are impressed by its beauty. All Above that, the long and influential infomercials put a lots of emphasize on that. They keep popping up on the televisions innumerable times and leave a heavy impact on our minds. In an urge to become slim-trim and fit, we reach the market and buy some or the other exercise equipments.

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54th Senior National Bodybuilding Championship and 9th Women Fitness 2014

Location: Sant Tukaram Maharaj Natagrub, Cidco, N-5 , Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Event Date: 2014-05-21 to 2014-05-23

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