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Optimum Nutrition ZMA - 180 Caps

Optimum Nutrition ZMA - 180 Caps

Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate Support Testosterone Levels And Muscle Strength!* A synergistic combination of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate,...

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Universal Nutrition ZMA Pro Hormone Support 90 capsuls

Universal Nutrition ZMA Pro Hormone Support 90 capsuls

Universal Nutrition ZMA Pro Hormone Support Supplement Universal Nutrition use only the finest patent-pending ZMA that has been scientifically proven...

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ZMA is a perfect blend of Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate. It is a natural mineral supplement that is made to support the immune system and muscle strength. It is the first ever night time anabolic formula that enhance the muscular recovery by improving sleep efficiency of the user. In fact, Protein synthesis in muscles is also an additional benefit of ZMA Supplement.

Proven effects of ZMA Supplement for athletes and body builders?

It is a clinically proven element that plays great role in muscle strength enhancement. According to a research, people taking ZMA as supplement have increased muscular strength and functional power. A player took ZMA supplement for eight weeks every night and then it was found that he possess 2.5 times greater muscular strength and double of functional strength as compared to those who are not taking ZMA supplement.

Undisputed benefits of ZMA!!

Once you start the ingestion as per prescribed by the expert then, the makers of ZMA assure that you will definitely avail these under mentioned benefits:

Not just the improved sleep quality but muscular recovery is one of its key benefits

  • A sound muscular strength can be attained with the help of ZMA supplement
  • You can also see the noticeable increment in your physical stamina during intense workout
  • Is there any side effect of ZMA Supplement?

There is no such major side effect of ZMA have been traced yet. But if it is taken excessively over a period of time then obviously it may lead to contractions or nausea. It is suggested to take the supplement as directed by the trainer or any other expert. As excess of anything may harm so, it can be concluded that if taken properly then there would be no side effects of the supplement on user.