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Weider Tri-Complex Tribulus 84 Caps

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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
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Weider Tri-Complex Tribulus


Top nutrients for your muscles!

WEIDER took 12 months of research to find the best possible formula for a Tribulus product.THE result = a one-of-a-kind muscle growth formula!
3 capsules Content:

Product features:

Training phase:


  • 1798 mg Tribulus Terrestris per day
  • 925 mg Maca Powder per day
  • 501 mg Yam Extract per day
  • 300 mg Kudzu Extrave per day
    • Can increase testosterone production = better performance when training
    • Can support the build-up of muscle mass and improve strength
    • Can shorten regeneration times after tough workouts and improve your general sense of well-being
    • Can increase physical performance
    • Muscle build-up phase
    • Strength build-up phase
    • Definition phase
    • 3 capsules per day.
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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
Weider Tri-Complex Tribulus 84 Caps
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