Weider Premium Whey Protein 5lbs

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Premium Whey Protein - best taste and high quality
Product description:
Whey protein is one of the most digestible and most valuable proteins from a biological point of view. Weider has succeeded in developing a high-quality protein powder that not only tastes good but also covers your nutritional requirements.
The production method plays a large part in this because the protein is microfiltered, meaning it is not subject to high temperatures or pressures. The product provides high levels of essential BCAAs and glutamine.
Product features:
Whey protein isolate
Microfiltered whey protein concentrate
Free-form glutamine
Training phase:
Strength-building phase
Definition phase
When and how much:
Premium Whey Protein is absorbed by the body very quickly, making it ideal for breakfast or after a workout.

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Weider Premium Whey Protein 5lbs

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