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Weider Maximum KREA-GENIC -120 Caps

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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
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Weider Maximum KREA-GENIC®


An old bodybuilding wisdom reads: Muscle mass grows proportionally to strength. The opinion of many Bodybuilders is: strength actually is a relatively insignificant aspect of strength-training . Nevertheless, strength is needed to stimulate growth of the muscle mass. Therefore, ones own strength, which varies from person to person, is decisive. The more the strength, the more the muscle growth! Nevertheless, strength can be increased up to 30%. Also these days, break between the sets have shortened. Short, strong growth training is now possible. Normal creatine only increases creatine memory , hence the quick strength. While KREA GENIC® provides even more energy, because one breaks down less and stores faster into the muscle cell. 

Product features:

  • remains stable in the stomach and in the blood (double buffered)
  • almost loss-free muscle gain
  • singularly: two buffers in one molecular compound
  • quick gain through natural utilization of the sodium-dependent transport mechanisum
  • result: Pump - growth – strength

Training phase:

  • Build Up Phase


  • 4 caps daily, preferably 30 min. before training. The recommendation is valid for a period of 6 weeks. Subsequently, induce 2-4 weeks break.
  • not suitable for children or youngsters! The supply of Creatine can cause water storage in the muscles while inducing muscle gain.
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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
Weider Maximum KREA-GENIC -120 Caps
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