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Weider L-Glutamine Caps 120 caps

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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
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If you are serious about your level of fitness, L-Glutamine is a "must have" fitness supplement! The most abundant free amino acid in the body, L-Glutamine helps build muscle and improves the functioning of the immune system. When muscle cells become swollen with water, the ideal environment for protein synthesis and muscle growth is created. L-Glutamine increases the level of fluid within the muscles. 
L-Glutamine is known as a non-essential amino acid because it is manufactured within the body. When you are experiencing extreme stress like having completed an intense workout, however, your body may not be able to synthesize enough L-Glutamine to keep up with the increased demand. Supplementation then by definition, becomes essential. 
L-Glutamine plays an extremely important role in health and wellness. The cells of the immune system require this amino acid in order to reproduce and, in times of stress, our muscles are genetically programmed to release large amounts of it. However, intense exercise causes the natural supply of L-Glutamine to be rapidly depleted. If you lead an active lifestyle, you should consider taking Weider L-Glutamine on a daily basis.
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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
Weider L-Glutamine Caps 120 caps
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