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Weider Giant Mega Mass 4000 3 kg

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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
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Weider Giant Mega Mass 4000 3kg

Giant Mega Mass 4000 is the ideal method to pack on pounds of rock hard mass. When you train hard, your body demands extra calories and protein to recover faster. Intense programs require increased lean calories to support muscle growth and strength. Calories and proteins (amino acids ) are needed immediately after workouts and throughout the day to maximize protein synthesis in muscles. Giant Mega Mass 4000 has a mountain of protein, complex and simple carbohydrates for energy, calcium for strong bones and creatine. 

Giant Mega Mass 4000 has a high-quality protein blend from concentrated whey protein, casein, soy isolate and egg white. Mixing whey protein with casein optimizes uptake of amino acids from these proteins to minimize premature breakdown of amino acids caused by too rapid absorption. Creatine supports energy production during intense muscluar activities. 

Giant Mega Mass 4000 delivers the high quality calories and proteins you need to help you reach your optimal potential. When used as directed, Giant Mega Mass 4000 adds up to 4000 additional calories per day to help you reach adequate calories and protein during intense training periods.

Recommended Use:
As a meal supplement, add 4 scoops powder (150 g) to 2 cups (550ml) 2% milk, water or juice and blend. Store in a cool dry place.
Nutrition info:
Ingredients per 100g
Calories/Energy: 370Kcal / 1571kJ
Proteins: 20g
Carbohydrates: 69g
Fat: 1.7g
Vitamin E: 13mg (130% RDA*)
Vitamin C: 80mg (133% RDA*)
Vitamin B1 / Thiamin: 1.9mg (136% RDA*)
Vitamin B2 / Riboflavin: 2.2mg (138% RDA*)
Niacine: 24mg (133% RDA*)
Vitamin B6 2.7mg (135% RDA*)
Folic Acid: 267µg (134% RDA*)
Vitamin B12: 1.4µg (140% RDA*)
Biotin: 200µg (133% RDA*)
Panthotenic Acid: 8.0mg (133% RDA*)
Calcium: 750mg (94% RDA*)
Phosphorus: 390mg (49% RDA*)
Iron: 12mg (86% RDA*)
Zinc: 8.6mg (57% RDA*)
Iodine: 110mg (37% RDA*)
Chlorine: 390mg (127% RDA*)
Other ingredients:
Proprietary Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium/Sodium Caseinate, Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Powder, Egg Albumin), Maltodextrin, Crystalline Fructose, Dextrose, Alkalized Cocoa, Contains Less Than 2% Of Creatine Monohydrate, Retinyl Palmitate, DL-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacinamide, PABA, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamin Mononitrate, Cyanocobalamin, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Ascorbic Acid, Phytonadione, Bis-Maltolato-Oxovanadium, Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Polynicotinate, Copper Gluconate, Ferrous Fumarate, Manganese Citrate, Molybdenum Citrate, Selenium Amino Acid Chelate, Zinc Gluconate, Betaine, Choline Bitartrate, Meso-Inositol, Taurine, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Soy Lecithin (As An Emulsifier), Corn Starch, Sugar, And Mono And Diglycerides.

Nutritional facts, image and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours

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Manufactured by: Weider Nutrition
Weider Giant Mega Mass 4000 3 kg
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