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Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus - 1 kg

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Manufactured by: Venky Nutrition
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Natures best source of protein.

True “Gold Standard” protein in the form of 100% Pure Dried Egg Whites, which is often used as a standard to compare protein from other source.

Albumen (Egg White) is Nature’s Best source of Protein, which resembles to Serum Albumin so gets easily absorbed and utilized for muscle building

Highest PER (3.8), ensures more muscle building compared to other protein sources.

Provides 78 % Protein. One serving (about 30 g) of Albumen supplies 23.4 grams of 100% bio-available pure protein.

Offers best BCAA profile that stimulates protein synthesis in the muscles as well as relieves mental fatigue during performance.

Shows prolonged absorption & has the best anabolic activity throughout the day and even at night.

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Manufactured by: Venky Nutrition
Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus - 1 kg
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