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Twist & Shape Stepper

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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
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It is a total fitness trainer.

  1. Twist & Shape Stepper are 2 workouts in 1 cardiovascular and selective muscle training. Dual action stepper trims and tones waist, buttocks, legs and thighs with its unique up/down and side-to-side action as well as burn the excess calories.
  2. It is innovative twist and pivot system, you move side-to-side with Twist & Shape as well as up and down.
  3. The cardiovascular workout provides effective fat burning, and the unique side-to-side motion targets the most common problem areas - abs, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs.
  4. Two hydraulic pistons are integrated in Twist & Shape, which offer a low impact workout. The pistons considerably cushion the impact on knees and joints when stepping on the pedals; you can quickly and easily adjust the training strength.
  5. By varying the positions of your feet on the pedals, you can infinitely vary your desired resistance. The further forward you place your feet on the pedals, the more intensive is your training.
  6. By moving in several directions at once, you get two workouts in one giving you a more complete training workout. The cardiovascular workout provides effective fat burning. For a full body workout - add the Resistance Bands to workout your Triceps, biceps, shoulders and Pecs. Your total body transformation is just a few "steps" away Twist & Shape features a high-quality, digital training monitors that displays the number of steps, steps per minute, training time, and calories burned.
  7. Twist & Shape features a high-quality, digital training monitor that displays the number of steps, steps per minute, training time, and calories burned – the ideal manager for your workout. It provides you with a smooth, non-impact motion, giving you three workouts simultaneosly, to help target and trim your lower body, waistline, bottom, and thighs - to give you a slimmer figure.

Product Specifications:

Twist shape stepper features:

  1. Color available: The colors according to customers requirements.
  2. Swing stepper logo: Print any logo according to your preference.
  3. Material: Steel PVC, PP.
  4. Used for indoor exercise beautifying the body.
  5. Adjustable stepping height.
  6. Heavy-duty steel construction.
  7. Deluxe and secure non-slip footplates.

It Includes:

  • Training monitor with counts.
  • Spare parts: Instruction, tools bag and cookbook.
  • Calorie, time and steps/min. function. Max. user weight 100kg.
  • Assembled size H23.5 x W43.5 x L51cm (9¼ x 17 x 20&quote).
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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
Twist & Shape Stepper
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