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The Maker's Diet (Paperback)

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By Jordan S. Rubin
The Maker's Diet offers a truly holistic approach to health. Jordan Rubin will take you through a 40-day health experience, incorporating the four essential pillars of health-physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional:
1.  The physical pillar involves diet and nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and body therapies.
2.  Spiritual health requires a connection with the Creator and His supreme purpose for our lives that makes every day worth living.
3.  Mental well-being rests on the ability to control your thought life and focus on the tasks at hand.
4.  Emotional health and stability are interrelated with each of the other three pillars.
Going far beyond any other diet plan, The Maker's Diet focuses not only on the type and amount of foods one should eat, but teaches the reader the true importance of food quality and proper preparation. Other health topics include the ultimate 40 day journey to healthy weight loss, a powerful detoxification program, an exercise plan that works, a system of advanced hygiene to reduce stress on the immune system, and a proven plan to ensure health of the body, mind, and spirit. Its comprehensive buyer's guide helps take the "guesswork" out of healthy shopping by listing foods, products, and services from more than 250 leading health organizations. With more than 100 delicious recipes, and day-by-day meal recommendations, the health principles outlined in The Maker's Diet can provide you with the framework and practices to achieve extraordinary health in all areas of your life.

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Manufactured by: Nutrishop Accessories
The Maker's Diet (Paperback)
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