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Suhas Khamkar

The well known name in the world of bodybuilding -Suhas Khamkar was born on August 9, 1980. He inherits his expertise in bodybuilding as he belongs to the family of fitness experts and body builders. His father and grandfather were both from the same world of bodybuilding.

His Initial or First Step-

Additionally, his inspiration for body building can also be marked out to his home town Kolhapur where he brought-up with many wrestlers and body builders. However, in the year 1997 Suhas (at the age of 16) drew inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger and board on a journey towards the world championship for the sport of bodybuilding.

Bibhishal Patil was the man (first trainer of Suhas) behind Suhas Khamkar expert attributes & techniques of bodybuilding. In a later phase, Suhas Khamkar’s family relocated to Mumbai where he continued his fitness training and availed guidance by a lot of local bodybuilders. Lately, he also started his own gym. In fact, as an employee of Central Railway of India, Suhas Khamkar was the first to win a national level gold medal in the Railways national competitions.

Achievements of the real Superhero- Suhas Khamkar

In addition to be the first Indian to win Mr. Asia award, he is also known as the first bodybuilder original Maharashtra.

Professional achievements-

Suhas Khamkar has 12 years of tremendously victorious and glorious professional journey. He is awarded with enormous awards at state, national and international level. Some of the splendid milestones during his great journey of bodybuilding sport include

  • 5 times gold medalist in body building competitions at All India Railway
  • He is also honored with Maharashtra Shree Award
  • Won the tag of Mr. India (under 18 category)
  • He was the first Indian to win Mr. Asia award in the year 2010
  • 2010 Mr. India champion (total 2)
  • Overall champion 2011 Mr. India
  • Mr. India 2012 Overall Champion
  • He won the award in November 2012 in the category of medium-light body weight championship held at Pune
  • Won Bronze medal for India, 66th position EHB (international Federation of Bodybuilding)
  • Won Men’s World Championship in the year 2012

The credit of these awards obviously goes to the tremendous efforts and dedication of Suhas but at the same time his routine lifestyle and effectual diet plan has contributed a lot to set benchmarks in the body building world.

Perfect Diet Plan of Suhas Khamkar- (with some variations)

  • Protein supplements (imported from United States of America)
  • 50 Eggs Daily
  • Around ½ kg or 700 grams of fish
  • 1.5 kg of Chicken
  • 5 kg of fruits including apples and oranges/ mosambi (lime)

In addition to this untarnished diet Suhas Khamkar followed the same with regular and vigorous six to seven hours of work every day.

Apart from his regular job and active participation in fitness or body building sport, Suhas Khamkar is also an entrepreneur. He proffers tremendous supplements, fitness tips and bodybuilding training and much more to the candidate who is looking for the same.

Brief Overlook of His Life-

After the continuous 9 times sovereignty in Mr. India champion and at the same time emerged as the first Indian to win the Mr. Asia title and off course the nation’s pride Mr. Universe title, Mr. Suhas Khamkar has a plan to take the sport of bodybuilding by blizzard. Initially before taking up body building as a career, he started off as a bicycle repair man and today with his tremendous efforts he himself is the identity of our nation as a perfect bodybuilder.

Presently he is working as an employee of central government in Panvel, New Mumbai as Deputy Collector. If, he would not have taken the step out of the box then may be that he would be amongst the general league of Indian crowd. People generally follow the success mantra of their ideals. Besides, Suhas Khamkar has a simple yet effectual mantra- “A balanced and healthy lifestyle with well planned diet and a blend of regular workouts”.