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SmartShake Neushake Shaker 700ml

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Manufactured by: Neulife
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The key benefit with SmartShake™ v2 is the three storage compartments in which you can easily store several servings of nutritional supplements. Such as protein, creatine, vitamins, capsules, pre- & post workout supplements or pretty much anything you like. SmartShake™ gives you the freedom to carry around everything you need for the whole day, all in one unit! 

Feature of  SmartShake™ v2:

  •  Two portion containers for supplements, one of them with a detachable pill compartment.
  •  Smart Shaker holds 600 ml (20 oz) up to the edge and the portion containers 120 ml (4 oz) and 160 ml (5,5 oz).
  •  Revolutionary concave hexagon strainer that snaps onto the lid, eliminating powder lumps and giving your drinks perfect viscosity.
  •  A carabineer perfect for the key to the locker or the gym card.
  •  Attractive colors to choose from, match the SmartShake™  with your clothes and personality.
  •  Safe for freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven & hot liquid.
  • Recyclable, non-toxic plastic. BPA- and DEHP-free.
  •  Patent protected, Designed in Sweden .

SmartShake™ is not just another shaker, it is several things rolled into one. It has two separate compartments in which you easily store several servings of nutritional supplements, for example pre- or post workout products, vitamins, capsules, or nuts and berries. With SmartShake™ you don’t have to bring along extra bags or cans, because everything is stored in the shaker. Besides using your SmartShake™ as just a shaker you can also use it in the microwave to warm up soups, or even cook oatmeal. And it gets better SmartShake™ is 100% leak proof, safe for dishwasher and freezer!

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Manufactured by: Neulife
SmartShake Neushake Shaker 700ml
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