Shakers & Bottles

Consuming protein shakes is effective for muscle building and energy. But how to make even the boring supplement powder drinks an interesting one is the main challenge. You can prepare a number of shakes, juices, cocktails and even sauces using a nutrition shaker bottle.

What is a Shaker Bottle?

A shaker bottle is made up of solid plastic which is used to mix and blend drinks, supplements and juices. A few are simple and plain while a few contain wire mesh and filters inside to strain out the liquid prepared inside it.  A sports- style shaker is self- contained. You do not have to pour out the liquid into any glass or beaker to consume; in fact you can right away have the drink from the bottle. This feature makes it ideal for sportsmen who practice on the tracks, those who go to gym and those who are travelling. It does the job of a counter top blender even on move.

What can you do with a Protein shaker Bottle?
Protein shaker bottles with around 20 oz. to 30 oz. capacity can be used to make health drinks, pre/post work out juices, supplement drinks, juices and even smoothies. It has a strainer, wire ball and an internal screen that helps in breaking the lumps and crystals formed while mixing into smooth paste.

The shaker bottle consists of a mixer cup with easy drinkable spout. You just have to tip in the powder, milk or water and any other ingredient and close the air tight lid. Shake the mixture inside until a smooth drink is formed. You can be assured of no leakage or dripping when you shake the liquid inside. It can be easily placed in any automobile cup holders.

A shaker bottle is not just for sportsmen but is also suitable for kitchen utility. You can use these bottles to mix eggs for omelette, make shakes, fruit juices, concoctions or even gravies and sauces of various consistencies. The shaker bottle is suitable for the people who do not have enough time to use a blender or a mixer. While you need to clean the equipment after usage, the shaker bottles do not require much of maintenance and cleaning. This, once again makes it a perfect choice for athletes, body builders, sportsmen and other health freaks.

To sum up, a shaker bottle is an overall convenience for fitness freaks and those who love non- messy solutions in hand. The mixer bottle is capable of mixing any style of drink that requires instant preparation. Just add the powder, the ingredients and milk or water whatever applicable into the bottle and shake it for desired duration and you will have the desired form of drink in no time. This multi- functional shaker bottle can be purchased form any of the fitness stores in your neighbourhood or ordered online on web sites that sell fitness goods and supplements. Owning an all-purpose shaker bottle definitely saves time and effort which can be usefully utilised in other tasks.