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Sauna Belt Imported

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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
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Sauna Belt Imported helps in sweating away all the unwanted fat with sucking out the excess cellulite from the body, at the same time soothes your muscle pain. You just need to take out few minutes for yourself, to relax and you can loose weight simultaneously.

Eliminate cellulite lose weight and ease muscle pain all while sitting in the comfort of your own home. The sauna belt is perfect for those who want to lose weight effectively with minimum effort. 

  • It is safe and simple to use and delivers brilliant result.
  • Gives an instant slim look and works as a massager as it gives relief from pains.
  • Just wrap it around your waist for at least 15 minutes at stretch and relax.
  • The perfect combination, in which heat melts fat and HELPS IN LOOSING INCHES.

Product Specification:

  • Flexible Sauna Belt Imported (one size fits all with secure fastening system)
  • Multi-Level Remote Control
  • Instructional Guide
  • 7-Diet Plan and a Measurement Tape.
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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
Sauna Belt Imported
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