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Saputo Whey Protein Concentrate 80% 15 Kgs

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Manufactured by: Saputo
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WPC 80 is a highly versatile product made from fresh whey. It has multiple applications in food and nutrition. It is concentrated using a membrane process with 80% protein, and is spray-dried. Uniform colour (white to cream) with fluid flow.

Net weight 15 Kg / bag. Multi-ply paper bags lined with polyethylene. 

Store in a cool, dry and clean location. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and strong odours.

In the recommended storage conditions, product has a 18-month shelf life. To maintain product freshness and quality, rotating the product is recommended. 

Kosher and Halal certified


Nutritional information


Protein (%)

80.0 % min

Fat (%)

8.0 % max

Moisture (%)

6.5 % max


5.5 - 6.5

Saputo whey protein an effective way to reduce weight

People of all ages try to maximize their comfort and lifestyle without compromising their budget. They are satisfied to use advanced technologies and affordable services as per their requirements. On the other hand, they get different health problems because a lack of concentration about how to be on top form.  Sufferers of obesity keep concentrate about every successful method to reduce weight. They are confused with different suggestions finally they prefer Saputo whey protein supplement. If they make use of Saputo for Weight loss on a regular basis, they can realize their wish about physical appearance. Individuals who follow the right method to reduce their body weight nowadays get the complete support to be healthy as planned. You can find out the most suitable method to reduce weight when you consider your lifestyle and an objective for weight reduction.

Workouts for weight reduction successfully

Exercises are helpful to people who wish to improve their health condition in all aspects daily.  Men and women who spend at least an hour for workouts can get the ultimate support to reduce their body weight. If you love cigars, you have to begin to quit smoking. This is because smoking not only affects your healthiness, but also your beloved people’s healthiness.

Men who quit smoking can use Saputo whey protein supplement to experience a good improvement in their lifestyle. They are satisfied to do workouts for a long time in the fitness center and try to strengthen their physique further. They make clear their doubts regarding workouts to reduce weight and seek advice from an experienced fitness trainer.  If they do exercises properly and follow the most appropriate suggestions, they can be slim as awaited.       

The importance of Saputo whey protein

A good diet plan from a highly qualified dietician does not miss out an apple per day.  A Saputo whey protein is rich all natural elements to improve the overall wellbeing of everyone. You have to purge unhealthy snacks and packages of food items in your pantry on a regular basis. If you buy fresh fruits and vegetables daily, you can ensure that you get the best support to be healthy. On the other hand, you have to maximize your efforts to reduce weight day after day. 

Coffee and tea has the best stuff to raise the metabolism. You can drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning as per your wish. You have to eat a healthy breakfast every morning when you are conscious about healthiness.  You can feel full when you choose eggs and eggs related breakfast.  Many people who have an objective to trim down their bodyweight nowadays prefer only foods that support them to fulfill this objective. They have to focus further about psychological issues to get rid of obesity. For instance, they can choose smaller than usual sizes of plates to eat less as awaited.  Individuals of every age group have to focus on how to get Weight loss as per their requirements. They can seek advice from those who have succeeded in their efforts on the way to fitness.

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Manufactured by: Saputo
Saputo Whey Protein Concentrate 80% 15 Kgs
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