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Sangram Chougule Indian BodyBuilder

Sangram Chougule is a renowned Indian Bodybuilder, who made the nation feel proud during many bodybuilding events round the globe. Not just regional, national or international events but Mr. Sangram Chougule also won the proud title of Mr. Universe in the year 2012 in the championship held in Bangkok, Thailand in 85 kgs category.

In addition to Mr. Universe title he also has won enormous awards and achievements in bodybuilding that include six times title of Mr. India and five times Mr. Maharashtra and many other awards. These hands-on awards and recognition around the world were not an easily attainable task. He had to face really tuff phase and hardships to hold the position that he possess in the current time.

Sangram ChouguleBackground

Looking at his background, Sangram Choguole hails from a village in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. 32 year old Sangram Choguole is an efficient electrical engineer by profession. Most of all, not just being a successful bodybuilder but he is also a father of 5 year old happy kid.

Sangram Choguole is an ideal professional who balances well his role as a responsible family member and a perfect bodybuilder. His routine follows a perfect blend of fitness and health. Let’s see how!!

Sangram Chougule’s Workout routine

He never believes to skip meals and focus only on intense workout sessions. In fact, he says, that it is a wrong approach to ignore diet and then perform heavy crunches and other exercises. He further considers that irregularity for diet leads to muscle loss.

Sangram believe that to build a remarkable physique or a great physical built, the diet contributes 80% and the contribution of workout is 20%. Moreover, as per him abs are made in the kitchen. But this never means that you are free to ingest anything as unhealthy snacking is never appreciated and you need to control your calorie intake and take a well balanced diet with a proper workout routine.

Diet of Sangram Chougule

Optimum protein intake with less Carbs and fats is the part of his regular or routine diet. Some of the major foods of his day are

  • 1 kilogram of grilled fish
  • Half chicken
  • Milk
  • Boiled Vegetables (since for his fitness, he was advised to consume less salt, sugar and oil)

Exclusive and detailed routine of bodybuilding Icon Mr. Sangram Choguole

  • The day of this iconic bodybuilder starts with a cardio routine. After this he ingests a combat protein drink with multivitamins and Carbs.
  • After 2 hours he devour oats and egg whites
  • Before starting his workout session, he gets a pre-workout drink and concentrate on training.
  • After his workout session he consumes his protein shake and post workout drink.
  • Then two hours later he prefers chicken with brown rice and some salad for sure.
  • As a part of his mid-day meal, he takes protein shake and fruit with vitamins.
  • Later in the evening, he devours grilled fish and brown rice with some salad.
  • Dinner again consists of grilled fish and salad
  • Two hours after dinner, he drinks Whey Protein Isolate and casein after a gap of 20 minutes and the last meal is a sleep recovery drink.
  • But this routine is never the same… it may change occasionally specially during his contest.

Let’s have a look on his pre- contest diet and workout routine

Before any contest Sangram initiate with an augment in cardio and reps. He also switch his diet with higher protein content inclusive of extra fiber like green salad and less salt and sugar.

His tremendous work efforts and diet plans took him at the paramount of success in bodybuilding and recently he won gold medal at the 6th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship 2014. But his journey is not confined till here. There is a lot more to be achieved.

His dedication and endless efforts are the motivation factor for new comers and aspirants seeking for perfect bodybuilding.

Sangram Chougule is a renowned Indian Bodybuilder

Sangram Chougule is a renowned Indian Bodybuilder