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ProShake Orange 700 Ml

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Manufactured by: ProShake
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ProShake is a high-quality, leak-proof shaker cup that stores your daily dose of pills and powders.

Why Choose the Shaker Bottle?

The Shaker Bottle stands out not merely as the best mixing and highest quality shaker on the market, it also gets high marks from those who are health and earth conscious, Not only does the Shaker Bottle mix well, it also makes a great reusable water bottle. The Shaker Bottle is also made from recyclable materials.

The Shaker Bottle is BPA Free. The Shaker Bottle is made from recyclable materials: Lid and Flip Cap: High. Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (#2) (Also used for milk and juice containers, cereal box liners, etc.) Recyclable. Cup: Polypropylene (PP) (#5) (Also for yogurt, margarine, sauce and syrup containers, etc.) Recyclable.

Which plastic water bottle dont leach chemicals?

Choose your water bottles very carefully in order to prevent chemicals in the plastic from leaching in you water. Plastic water bottles are very convenient for carting water around when we are on the go, as they dont break if we drop them. However it is worth paying attention to the type of plastic your water bottle is made of, to ensure that the chemicals in the plastic do not leach into the water. The Shaker Bottle has been independently tested and shown to be free from lead and other harmful substances.

20 % discount on purchase of more than 1000 pcs

Two compartments mean you can store several servings of your nutritional supplements – protein, pre- or post-work supplements… whatever you like! BPA free plastic and is 100% leak-proof. You can use it every day, store it in the freezer, in the microwave. Available in transparent different types of Colures. We also provide in Custom Colour as per your requirement.

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Manufactured by: ProShake
ProShake Orange 700 Ml
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