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Portable Car Seat Massager

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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
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PORTABLE CAR SEAT MASSAGER is designed with multiple functions for any car seat office chair or home sofa. It has five motors that give massage to the neck, back, hips and thighs. How To Use? Simply strap this massage pad to your chair and it gently cushions and supports your back for a comfortable ride. A convenient hand-held remote lets you to select targeted areas where you need a massage and choose the vibration speed according to your preference. The new heat therapy feature will help soothe your body. Car massage cushion improves blood circulation, eliminating backache relieves fatigue and lightens the pressure.

Product Specification

  1. Includes an auto adapter and an AC adapter
  2. Strapping system that fits any seat
  3. Variable intensity
  4. Heat therapy feature
  5. Multi-function remote controller
  6. Speed control (high or low)
  7. Light weight and folds easily
  8. Good looking contour to fit for the seat
  9. Durable fabric filled with good quality soft foam

Original in box. Portable Car Seat Massager Pad with 5 Motors.

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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
Portable Car Seat Massager
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