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MHP Dren 30 Capsules

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Manufactured by: MHP
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Nighttime Anabolic Cascade Triggers Muscle Growth

DREN Dren (Drenbuterol) belongs to a powerful new class of compounds called mesolimbic beta agonists, which offer fat burning and positive mood support.* Dren includes a patent pending compound scientifically formulated to stimulate both metabolic and mesolimbic pathways to promote thermogenic fat burning and neurotropic “feel good” sensory.* Each DREN capsule provides the maximum 409 mg dose of Drenbuterol and should only be administered once daily and not be used with other stimulants. When taken as directed, DREN will help stimulate the thermogenic fat burning process, increase energy levels, support healthy appetite levels and promote a state of heightened mental euphoria.*


Researchers are calling the discovery of an exclusive new compound, Beta-Methoxy- Phenylethylamine, a breakthrough. Scientists have been looking at the basic form Beta-Phenylethyamine (also called Beta-PEA) for years, but unfortunately its short half-life prevented this compound from ever being very effective. The first attempt to overcome the short half- life was to combine Beta-PEA with MAO inhibitors, but this also proved to be NOT effective. However, this new form isn’t just showing promise, its showing amazing results. And while Beta-Methoxy-Phenylethylamine is the new General in the war against fat a few good soldiers have been added to DREN for total annihilation of stubborn adipose FAT!*

  • Mesolimbic Beta Agonist Fat Burning Support*
  • Powerful Thermogenic Fat Burner*
  • Extreme "Feel Good" Sensory*
  • Promotes Healthy Appetite Level*
  • Exclusive Beta-Methoxy Phenylethylamine

Advanced Approach To Fat Annihilation!*

DREN uses an advanced approach to trigger the process of lipolysis to support maximum fat burning.* DREN (patent pending compound name DRENBUTEROL) belongs to a powerful new class of compounds called mesolimbic Beta Agonist Fat Burning Agents. DREN offers selective and powerful beta-adrenergic fat burning support.* Plus in addition to thermogenic effects, DREN also has powerful support for positive mood.*

Step 1: Sympathometic thermogenic Activation:

Beta-Methoxy Phenylethlyamine (also called Beta-Methoxy PEA) is an exciting new ingredient used exclusively in DREN. Beta-Methoxy-PEA works in part by promoting noradrenaline (NA) release from sympathetic nerve terminals.* As a sympathomimetic, Beta-Methoxy PEA acts to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. It does this by causing pre-synaptic nerve terminals to release norepinephrine, or what is commonly called noradrenaline (NA), into the synaptic space. It also has the effect of increasing circulating adrenaline, the body’s chief beta-2 agonist. Noradrenaline, once released into the synaptic space, interacts with adrenergic receptors on the surface of adipocytes (fat). This initiates a sequence of events within the adipocyte that increases lipolysis (the breaking down of fatty acids) by the enzyme hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). This fat burning support is dependent on long and steady activation of the receptor by the agonist and is what makes the discovery of Beta-Methoxy PEA so critical and why it is much more effective than other Beta-PEA Formulas.*

Beta-Methoxy PEA is the most effective B-PEA beta-agonist by virtue of its long half-life (stays in the body longer) as well as its affinity to be absorbed in fat tissue and better permeate the blood/brain barrier.* In contrast, the half-life of many other Beta-PEA forms is only minutes as the enzyme MAO-B quickly metabolizes them and are less lipophilic which prevents significant concentrations from reaching the brain – therefore no psychoactive and weight loss effect is achieved. As mentioned earlier, while the inclusion of MAO-inhibitors would seem to work the evidence shows otherwise. Beta-Methoxy PEA does not have to worry about being broken down by MAO-B due to its unique configuration.* The beta “Methoxy” moiety on this compound protects it and allows for increased absorption across the blood brain barrier and deep penetration into the fatty tissues of the brain where it interacts with the adrenergic receptors.* This increase in noradrenaline and adrenergic receptors activation increases cAMP levels in fat cells (supporting its breakdown) and muscle cells (promoting protein synthesis).* Beta-Methoxy-PEA’s unique configuration or moiety is what gives it its long duration of action, its exceptional ability to permeate fat tissue and extremely powerful fat burning support.* I can’t emphasize the point enough: it’s the “Methoxy” in Beta-Methoxy-PEA that makes it simply unmatched to all other forms of Beta PEA no matter what jargon you read – and its only found in DREN!*

In addition, Beta-Methoxy Phenethylamine’s enhanced moiety and ability to better penetrate the blood brain barrier promotes euphoric “feel good’ neuro-sensory.* Beta-Methoxy-PEA, is an alkaloid and monoamine, therefore, it is believed to function as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter and support psychoactive effects on the body while helping support healthy body composition.* To sum it up, Beta-Methoxy Phenethylamine freely enters the brain barrier and triggers a cascading release of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin and stimulates the mesolimbic reward pathway, promoting positive mood and energy.*

Step 2: The Inclusion of an Alpha 2 Agonist helps further Enhance Beta-Methoxy PEA fat burning support!*

While Beta-Methoxy-PEA by itself is a remarkably effective thermogenic, the scientists at MHP wanted to take fat burning to a new level. Once we isolated Beta-Methoxy-PEA and saw its superior mechanisms of actions, we knew we could do it.

In response to Beta-Methoxy-PEA’s beta-adrenergic stimulation, negative feedback mechanisms are activated as well. This negative feedback can shutdown lipolysis (fat burning). The alpha 2 receptor, phosphodiesterases and adenosine try to slow down or halt the fat burning process. Therefore, measures had to be taken to maximize Beta-Methoxy-PEA’s actions in the body and minimize these negative feedback mechanisms.

Beta-PEA is considered non-selective adrenergics through the release of noradrenaline because they don’t just active one type of receptor.* Unfortunately, noradrenaline functions as its own negative feedback signal by activating both the beta and alpha adrenergic receptors. As you recall, the stimulation of beta receptors is good as it supports the fat burning process, but the Alpha 2 receptors actually shut down lipolysis (fat burning). MHP scientists added Yohimbine HCL to the DREN formula to by pass Alpha 2 receptor binding and supports the effectiveness of DREN.* Yohimbine HCL is a selective alpha 2 antagonist and can thus short circuit this feedback loop, maximizing noradrenaline levels and the overall fat loss actions of Beta-Methoxy PEA.*. Resulting in powerful thermogenic support.*

Step 3: Phosphodiesterase Inhibition and Adenosine Receptor Interferance

Most people like caffeine because of its stimulatory and energizing effects. But, caffeine has a much more important role than that in DREN. Stimulation of Beta-adrenergic receptor also means support for phosphodiesterase and adenosine activity.* Phosphodiesterase (PDE) acts to hydrolyze cAMP into inactive fragments while adenosine inhibits cAMP accumulation halting the stimulation of HSL and the fat burning process.* Caffeine possesses the ability to inhibit phosphodiesterases within the cell and has even been suggested to have the ability to prevent some re-uptake of norepinephrine while also acting as an adenosine receptor blocker.* As you can see, caffeine provides important powerful synergies to maximize DREN’s fat burning support.*

Step 4: Psycho-active “Feel Good” Support*

The mind is a powerful thing! DREN will not only support healthy body composition with a fat burning thermogenic experience, it may also help support positive mood and a sense of well-being.* There is no denying it Beta-Methoxy-PEA is very psycho-active and helps promote a euphoric “feel good response”.* To further enhance DREN neuromudulator activity L-5-Hydroxytryptophan has also been added to the formula. L-5-Hydroxytryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid, a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin which is a monoamine neurotransmitter with feel good and healthy appetite supporting properties.* L-5-Hydroxtryptophan like Beta-Methoxy-PEA also passes through the blood brain barrier into the brain.* It’s psychoactive action are thought to be derived from its effect on serotonin synthesis in central nervous system tissue. It is believed that a high supply of L-5-Hydroxytryptophan causes the brain's serotonin-producing neurons to increase production leading to increased serotonin release.* The serotoninergic system is known to modulate mood, emotion, sleep and appetite and thus is implicated in the control of numerous behavioral and physiological functions. L-5 Hydroxytryptophan helps to keep serotonin and norepinephrine levels in balance therefore promoting metabolism and fat loss through synergistic actions with other ingredients in DREN.* The end result is support for “feel good” state.*

The fact is, DREN belongs to a powerful new class of compounds called mesolimbic beta agonist, which offer powerful fat burning support and should be taken with caution.* DREN stimulates both metabolic and mesolimbic pathways for extreme fat burning and neurotropic “feel good” sensory support.* Each capsule provides the maximum 409 mg dose of DREN and should only be administered once daily and should not be used with other stimulants. When take as directed, DREN will help potentiate thermogenic fat burning, increase energy levels, promote healthy appetite levels and support mood.*

What does it do?

  • Mesolimbic Beta Agonist Fat Burning Support*
  • Promote Euphoric Feeling*
  • Supports Healthy Appetite Level*
  • Thermogenic Fat Burner*

How does it work?

Dren uses an advanced approach to promote the process of lipolysis for maximum fat burning called Beta-Methoxy Phenylethlyamine (Beta-Metoxy PEA).* Dren belongs to a powerful new class of compounds called mesolimbic Beta Agonist Fat Burning Agents. Dren possesses selective beta-adrenergic fat burning activity.* Dren also has promotes psycho-active euphoric effects.*

Who should take it?

Dren should be consumed by anyone looking to support fat burning, steady “no crash” energy and mental energy.*

How should I take it?

1 capsule of Dren should be taken 30-45 minutes before workout. On non-workout days, take 1 capsule before breakfast. Do not take more than 1 capsule daily.

Did you know?

Dren is the fat burner to contain the very powerful ingredient Beta-Methoxy Phenylethlyamine (Beta-Metoxy PEA).*

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Manufactured by: MHP
MHP Dren 30 Capsules
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