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The is distributor of wide range of food supplements products across the globe. Over the years has acquired a wide spectrum of experience & name in the industry. is currently appointing franchisees across India. This is a unique opportunity for individuals and companies.

What is the Franchisee appointment process?

Request for a Franchisee Application form by sending a email at
Upon confirmation, the franchisee would need to send a cheque / Demand Draft in favour of "CHK Industries Private Limited". This fee will cover the one-time non refundable registration fee.

What are the responsibilities of the Franchisee?

The Franchisee’s basic responsibility is to market in the particular location / city. What are the responsibilities of

The Franchisee needs to pay a one-time non refundable registration fee of Five Lakhs. 
On receipt of payment, will provide the following as part of the kit:

  • We will Provide straucture of shop about layout and furniture etc
  • Physical inspection of the location.
  • Marketing material like shakers catalogs etc
  • Training for marketing staff of the franchisee (1-2 personnel). 
  • These trainings are held in metros only.
  • A Professional Bodybuilder will be Invited on Opening of the shop and a Road Show in your area with top bodybuilders.

Here's why our range is stocked by gyms, health stores, online retailers and personal trainers.

Step into the Era of Health and Wellness

The ultimate dream of every bodybuilder and sportsman would certainly be a supplement store in most of the cases. Starting own supplement store (online or offline) is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses these days. To make the best out of the business you need to plan and break up the entire business according to a strategy.

Why Nutrition Supplement Business?

The nutritional supplement business is very rewarding and well- paid option for weightlifters, bodybuilders and those who wish to promote health as a business. There are plenty of supplements that can be classified and categorized according to their contents – vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. These supplements are offered in the form of meal replacements- Pre work out supplementation, post work out nutrient, weight loss pills, weight gainers, protein shakes, muscle building powders, body building supplements and so on. 

What should an entrepreneur look for While Starting a Supplement Store?

The first and foremost qualification required to start a nutrition supplement business is affinity and flair for the products. Little knowledge and information about the products and business will certainly be an added advantage. Further sufficient investment and readiness is required to start this business.

There is a lot of difference between starting nutrition supplement business right from the scratch without any external assistance and going in for a franchise deal. With many supplement brands available in the market and diversified products manufactured them, choosing the best one would be quite challenging for you. Also checking the authenticity of the manufacturers and the products is a tough task. Unless you experience the effects of each one of them and do intensive research on the products, you cannot come to a conclusion about their candidness.  Also you must have good relationship with retailers to get regular business. With the market already flooded with cut throat competitors, getting hold of retailers to buy your product is a very tough task.

On the other hand when you choose a supplement store franchise you have many options in hand that work in favor of you. One of the determining factors available to you is the investment required for the stores. When you take a franchise of an existing company, you do not have to bother about further support on running your business. The parent company will offer you the required guidelines and support needed to run the stores. Several weeks and months of training, materials to guide you and guidelines to run the store efficiently are all provided by them.

What can Offer its Franchisee?

Online Franchise

Though the investment for a real supplement store might be a deal breaker for you, online stores will certainly fit your budget and pocket. Instead of getting hold of reliable wholesale suppliers and distributors and getting into all the fuss of inventories and etc, just opt for a franchisee. offers you an extensive opportunity to make your dreams come true with their promising and profitable franchise opportunities to open an online nutrition supplement store. Blend your dream of spreading healthy options to everyone that you can reach out to by opening your own supplement store.

Supplement Outlets ( holds a proven track of years in dealing with nutrition supplements ( and other health products. The company is backed by experienced and trained staff who are also very much into the field of nutrition and supplementation. It offers a very attractive and simple way to establish yourself as a leading supplement dealer in the market with its franchise options.

When you are tied up with as a franchisee you are not just a customer but become a part of the company. The main aim being able to provide financial freedom and business to the owners, offers franchise options all those residing in India. is focusing on expansion across India with an intention of creating health awareness and wellness among the people. Supplements have always been in demand, whether it is a professional bodybuilder or a common man. To cope up with the daily stress, malnutrition and physical challenges one has to keep himself or herself supplemented. The range of products available with is perfect for men and women. Also the manufacturers dealt with are tested and tried for their genuineness and authenticity.

When you become a franchisee of you enter the world of financial freedom and independency. With complete support and guidance offered by the company, you can be relieved of hassles pertaining to customer acquisition and technical aspects of the business.

Excellent service

When you become a partner in our reseller program, you'll see that teaming with is an easy and smart move for your business. From business development, to sales and marketing, to ongoing support, we recognize and reward our most committed and qualified partners.  All resellers receive:

  1. - A dedicated and friendly customer service representative assigned to your account.
  2. - 7 day a week support.
  3. - Optimum availability.  Order in advance and our product is never out of stock.
  4. - Sharp wholesale pricing.
  5. - Proven, safe and unique products from a recognized and leading Indian and International brand.
  6. - One-stop online ordering.
  7. - Low minimum order quantities.
  8. - Easy payment by bank deposit, credit card/Debit Cards.

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