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MuscleTech Clear Muscle 168 Liquid Caps

MuscleTech Clear Muscle 168 Liquid Caps

EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS When you eat right, train with all-out intensity where you push yourself past your limits (meaning you don’t just show up...

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Weider HMB 3800 120 Caps

Weider HMB 3800 120 Caps

Weider HMB 3800   For better protein utilization ANTI AGING EFFECT Information: Effects for training beginners: reduction of creatine kinase...

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HMB is a Metabolite of Leucine or you can even call it branched chain amino acid. The basic role of HMB is protein synthesis. In a natural manner the HMB is produced in human body at a low level so, the supplement is must for those who are going for intense workout.

How these HMB Supplement helps!!

  • It is a dietary supplement that helps to promote muscle mass
  • Supports muscle recovery after workout
  • It minimizes protein break down in muscles that takes place during exercises

In that sense, the HMB supplement can be ingested at any point throughout the day but it is especially recommended to devour right after the exercise. The reason behind the same is to obtain the result for more potent muscular growth.

Dosage required for HMB Supplement!

To saturate the best result out of your workout, it is mandatory to intake the apt amount of HMB Supplement dosage.

  • It is suggested to take around 3.0 grams of supplement daily
  • Although, it may vary as per individual’s requirement
  • Ask experts for perfect ingestion of HMB supplement

For body builders, it is more effectual to support weight lifting and other intense workouts. It does not only help you recover faster but its constant flow in the blood stream help you to attain strong and lean body oeuvre.