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Gdyns Extreme Amino 2100 - 1kg

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Manufactured by: GDYNS Health Care
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GDYNS is known for its breakthrough products in the health supplement category which are sought after by most professional athletes. Its Extreme Amino 200 is one such unique discovery which enhances protein synthesis in your body thereby promoting metabolic function. Also enriched with vitamins, essential minerals and a number of nutrients like zinc, phosphorous and iron, Extreme Amino will help you push amino acids to your muscles making them stronger and more voluminous. When mixed with water or a fruit juice, Extreme Amino turns into a great shake that is at once nutritious and delicious. 

GDYNS EXTREME AMINO 2100 is perfect supplement for development of strong body Amino acids are involved in a number of metabolic functions including protein synthesis .

It is enrich with maximum essential amino acid when Extreme  Amino  2100 comes to filling your muscular pipeline with valuable aminos kick start  protein synthesis, reduce catabolism & Improve nitrogen retention, Extreme Amino 2100 has great combination of whey protein hydrolysates ( whey) protein hydrolystes yield same of the highest quality peptide- bonded amino acid available), soya protein, carbohydrate, fat, Vitamins & minerals. It’s containing large Value of Amino Acid. It’s completely provide at amino acid to your body#  

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Manufactured by: GDYNS Health Care
Gdyns Extreme Amino 2100 - 1kg
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