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GAT Testrol 60 Tablets

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Testrol is the Ultimate dual-purpose performance product that contains some of the most advanceed Testosterone and virility enhancers available. Take Testrol if you want an all-natural, effective way to build muscle and increase stamina.


Take 2-3 tablets every day on a light to empty stomach. Cycle 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off (complete 2 bottles). Important Instructions: Drink 2 full glasses of red grape or fruit juice within 1 hour after every workout to optimize insulin activity. Consume 1-2 grams (1,000-2,000 mg of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) after every workout. Take 10-20 grams of creatine daily. Take L-glutamine after training and before bedtime.


This product should not be used by women, anyone under 18 years of age, or people suffering from any medical conditions, including, but not limited to diabetes, prostate hypertrophy, heart disease, high blood pressure, psychological disorders, etc. Consult your physician before use.

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Manufactured by: GAT Sports Supplements
GAT Testrol 60 Tablets
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