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Fb Nutrition Lean Pro 3 Kg

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Manufactured by: FB Nutrition
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LEAN PRO is perfect for everyone who wants to gain lean muscle mass. LEAN PRO is a combination of high quality protein, glutamine, bcaa and carbohydrate. LEAN PRO provides 35g of protein which helps to growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. LEAN PRO contains 3g BCAAs, which helps to increase the rate of protein synthesis and makes sure gains are made from your workouts, BCAAs not only stimulate muscle growth but also create an anabolic hormonal environment in the body, provide energy to muscles, helps the body burn fat and to  build muscle simultaneously. LEAN PRO delivers 5g of Creatine, 3g glutamine and is enriched with full amino acid profile in each serving. LEAN PRO is a unique volatizing and recovery formulated product. LEAN PRO has three additional protein sources to support muscle repair, recovery, power and muscle size


Consult your Dietician / Food Consultant before use as Dietary Supplement

Do not use as sole food source, not recommended for pregnant & lactating mothers

Do not Exceeds recommended serving and daily intake

Per Serving 100 Gms

Per serving 100 gm


392 Kcal.


35 gms


5.00 gm


3.00 gm


1.50 gm


1.50 gm


2.00 gm


5.00 gm


1.50 gm

Fat **

3 gms

Dietary Fiber

1.2 gms


48 gms

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Manufactured by: FB Nutrition
Fb Nutrition Lean Pro 3 Kg
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