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Egg Protein's

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Egg protein is obtained from egg white and does not include egg yolk which makes it cholesterol free and low in fat. If you are allergic to milk protein or avoid it for other reasons then egg protein is the best way to attain sufficient protein level in your body.

The amino acid pattern of egg protein nearly matches the requirement of human growth so; it can be said ideal to achieve perfect muscular or physical growth. You can also call it a medium-digesting protein so it is better to intake the supplement as mid day snack which helps not just to fight against afternoon cravings and facilitate you to tide hunger until next meal. 

Facts about Egg Protein!

  • Egg protein can be ingested as post workout supplement as well
  • It can also be complemented or mixed with other supplements as it has no side effects in doing so
  • To lose weight it is an ideal jump start

General Dosage!

For muscle growth and strength it is recommended to take about 1.5 grams of egg protein against a pound of weight. It may also vary person to person so, depending upon the body requirement of athlete or body builder.

Always ask your trainer or an expert before taking any supplement.