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Eas Myoplex Original 20 Pack

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Imagine a dietary supplement that is a blend of 24 different sources of vitamins and minerals, and has a generous blending of proteins as well. EAS Myoplexa Original 20 pack is a revolutionary new concept in vitamin and protein blend. This high-performance protein powder works powerfully on lean mass addition and muscle performance. Its high nutritional value helps you maintain a highly active lifestyle, with greater energy and focus. Myoplexa works on every part of your body, helping you experience greater reserves of energy as well. Have this rich delicious drink 30 minutes after an intense workout, to supplement any energy loss. 


  • 42 grams of protein to help support lean mass
  • 24 vitamins and minerals
  • Convenient, great-tasting performance nutrition


This high-performance protein powder is ideal for building lean muscle and maintaining an active lifestyle. Added nutritional support helps improve overall body composition.


Take within 30 minutes after working out to support muscle recovery. Or use anytime as a quick, easy meal replacement to keep energy levels up.

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Manufactured by: EAS
Eas Myoplex Original 20 Pack
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