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Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200-200 Caps

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Manufactured by: Dymatize Nutrition
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Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200

Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 is a dietary supplementary product which is a good source of pure form of branched chain amino acids. It provides 2200 mg of pure form BCAAs per serving. It should be consumed as suggested by the trained nutritionist or physician. Branched chain amino acids enhance the muscle regeneration and muscle development. So Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 is designed to nurture the human body and target the muscle development.
Features :
BCAAs - Branched chian amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Dymatize BCAAs complex are formulated in such a way that it assimilated in the body easily for the muscle regeneration and development. Protein is essential for the body and a sufficient quantity is must for proper functioning and development. So Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 fulfils that requiement. An age group of 20-55 years can use the Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 before and after gym work out for better results.
Unflavoured - Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 does not contain any flavour, i.e., it is tasteless and without any flavour. It is difficult to consume a better or unpleasant supplementary product. So taking Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 without any odd sensory problems.
Muscle Development- For easy and fast muscle development Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 is safe and reliable dietary supplement that meets the requirments of BCAAs. For getting desirable results it is advisable to follow the instructions given by the nutritionist. Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 gives better results when consume about half an hour before and after gym work-out.
Benefits -
* Provide all requirements of branched chain amino acids for better muscle regeneration and development.
* It is without any unpleasant flavour so easy to consume.
Directions for Use - Take (4) four caplets daily, or as directed by a licensed nutritionalist or physician. For optimal results take 2 caplets 45 to 60 minutes before training and 2 more caplets 15 to 30 minutes after training.

Warnings: Consult a physician before using this or any product, if you are pregnant or lactating, or have any medical condition.

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Manufactured by: Dymatize Nutrition
Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200-200 Caps
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