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  1. Lose Weight, Gain Healthy Skin

    Who does not love to have a glowing skin and fit body? We try out exercising, eating greens, living a sedentary life and what not. Well let me explain how to lose extra pounds, stay fit and healthier.
    As a first step towards getting healthier choose nutritious foods such as fibre-rich veggies and fruits, healthy fats and lean proteins. In addition to these, add food items that consist of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that boosts up the system and gives the best look to your body. ...
  2. Want to Make a Career out of Personal Training Courses? Read this!

    Fitness today has become a rage among people and there's great future awaiting those who are looking forward to make it as a career. Health has become a major concern not only to the older lot but more importantly to the youth. This is because, the youth of today are vulnerable to a lot of factors that put them under illnesses and stress. Unhealthy food habits, erratic working hours and other influences have alarmed people to orient towards fitness.

    So, health zealots! Here comes ...
  3. Benefits of Acne Vitamins

    Acne and pimples are the two most important stress originators for young girls. They try out different face creams, lotions and medications to stop them, but end up doing no good to their skin. First of all one must what exactly creates these acne and pimples. They are lumps or accumulations created due to over production of oil in the sebaceous glands. Acnes can be classified into mild inflammatory ones, blackheads, cystic, whiteheads and sever nodular acnes. They are created due to deficiency ...
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  4. Get to Know Your Body

    Overweight or obesity is one of the major health issues prevailing globally. As per records and studies more than 36% of the American population is obese and are suffering from obesity related health problems.
    How is the weight of the body determined?
    BMI- Body Mass Index regulates the overweight of one’s body. To determine your BMI, divide your body weight by the height in meters and squared. A BMI of about 18-25 is ideal for healthy people of age 65-75 years whereas those with exceeding ...
  5. Loosing Belly Fat with Least Efforts

    It is the most common sight anyone would notice in their homes. Young ladies and adolescent girls holding in their tummies, standing in front of the mirrors trying to look zero size. It is not just an issue generalized or limited to young girls. But even men face the same problem that hinders their everyday routine and lifestyle.
    We tend to associate losing fat to rigorous exercises and workouts performed in gyms. However there are other options that can very well work as good as the exercises ...
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