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BSN Hypershred 90 Capsules

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Manufactured by: BSN
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Worried about how you are going to shed the excess weight on your body? BSN’s Hypershred is the supplement which does the magic for you. It is result of modern technological studies. The stubborn fat in the body is attacked by this supplement to deliver the results.


3 capsules are recommended for consumption per day. One should not take more than this. Also it is for adults above 18 years and below 50 years of age. People suffering with any medical conditions should not consume it. If starting for the first time and if not sure about it you should consult your physician. It is definitely not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. While taking the supplement you need to keep yourself hydrated with around 120 ounces of water everyday. Also you should follow a good diet and an exercise regime. After 8 weeks the supplement needs to be discontinued for 2 weeks. If you notice any adverse reactions on consumption of the supplement you can consult your physician.


The supplement does away with the standard form of powder and is available in a convenient capsule form. It helps you in weight management allowing for peak performance during a workout session. It improves your energy levels and metabolism in the body.

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Manufactured by: BSN
BSN Hypershred 90 Capsules
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