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BSN Cell Mass 1.76 lbs

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BSN’s repertoire of health products stand out for their uniquely developed scientific formulae which have been developed after years of research and development. Cell Mass another superlative product is an instant mass builder and fatigue destroyer. This sodium creatine phosphate formula is sure to promote muscles, fat reduction, more endurance and strength and quicker recovery from post training fatigue. Other essential nutrients like glutamine, carbohydrates and calcium address the body’s nutritional needs. Cell Mass should ideally be taken on advice of a health practitioner as it is a highly potent supplement that is capable of changing your constitution in no time. 

One of the sports nutrition industry's most popular products over the course of the last few years, CellMass is BSN's post-workout and nighttime mass, recovery and performance activator. Promoting these three processes is a unique combination of amino acids, minerals and key electrolytes that rapidly absorb to refuel muscle cells, maximize ATP stores and saturate your growing muscles. It's for this reason that the CellMass you take today is the CellMass you will feel tomorrow!

After an intense training session, you must restock ATP stores. ATP is the energy needed for muscular contractions as well as fixing the damage caused to muscular tissue due to intense training; this is why it is essential to book end your workout with Cellmass®. No-Xplode™ consumed pre-workout gives your body enough creatine to make sufficient additional ATP to assist in fueling your intense training. After your training, ATP stores are depleted and it is necessary to hyper-saturate your muscles with creatine and phosphates for ATP replenishment. Additionally, to make sure full muscle protein repair takes place, Cellmass® is fortified with glutamine AKG for maximal anti-catabolic effects, stopping any further breakdown of lean muscle tissue.

CellMass®, Where mass and recovery begin.™


AVPT (Advanced Volumizing & Performance Technology)

An exclusive blend of four advanced creatine analogs designed to increase creatine transport, uptake and effectiveness, leading to accelerated muscle recovery and hydrogen ion buffering. AVPT contains:

Sodium Creatine Phosphate Matrix

A sodium salt of creatine phosphate, which enhances water solubility. Once inside the bloodstream, a sodium chloride dependant transporter is responsible for carrying the creatine to the muscles cells. So by joining creatine with sodium, the uptake and absorption of creatine is greatly enhanced.

Creatine EthylEster-Beta-Alanine Dual Action Composite (CarnoSyn®)

BSN's newest exclusive blend, designed to increase water and lipid solubility of creatine. Not only has BSN increased water and lipophilicity, hydrogen ion buffering has also been addressed with the addition of Beta-Alanine. Recent research shows that the "burning" sensation of muscularfatigue may not be simply lactic acid accumulation, but also an accumulation of hydrogen ions; a metabolic by-product. Beta-Alaninesupplementation increases the production ofcarnosine, a dipeptide known to buffer lactic acid accumulation and decrease hydrogen ions. Thus by combining a fat and water soluble creatine with Beta-Alanine , it enables the creatine to function beyond its normal rate limiting system leading to better absorption and effectiveness.

Creatinol-O-Phosphate-Malic Acid Interfusion

A creatine analog known for its role in supporting cardiovascular function, increasing oxygen availability, endurance, work capacity and time to exhaustion. ATP is our body's energy, the energy to have a muscular contraction and the energy to repair muscle tissue. Creatine helps to carry phosphates which it donates to ADP to make more ATP, thus more energy. This process if further enhanced by Malic Acid, a Krebs Cycle intermediate involved in the production of ATP. This interfusion functions synergystically with creatine to create more available ATP for explosive energy.

Creatine AAB™ (Creatine Alpha-Amino-N-Butyrate)

The last creatine analog in AVPT. As with the previous analogs, absorption and effectiveness are greatly improved, increasing ATP production and thus anabolic effects. Unlike the other creatine analogs of the matrix, Creatine Alpha-Amino-N-Butyrate posseses anti-catabolic effects also. Leucine, the branched chain amino acid, is metabolized to ketoisocaproate, which is then metabolized to alpha amino-n-butyrate; this metabolite increases protein synthesis and limits protein damage from intense training. Not only is creatine absoprtion and effectiveness increased by this bond, but an element of anabolism and anti-catabolism is achieved.

Glutamine AKG(2000mg)

Glutamine is the most anti-catabolic amino acid. Chemically bonding glutamine to AKG, to form glutamine AKG, boosts stability and absorption, ensuring full effectiveness. Glutamine AKG promotes muscle cell volumization, protein and glycogen synthesis, muscle tissue repair, growth and hardening. Glutamine AKG also encourages muscle cell uptake of creatine and insulin-dependent anabolism. Overtraining is associated with low plasma glutamine levels, thus CELLMASS® may help alleviate or prevent the negative effects of overtraining.


An aqueous extract of cinnamon that is robust in uniquely linked proanthocyanidin antioxidants. These compounds "turn on" cellular signaling mechanisms normally carried out by insulin. Cinnulin-PF maintains blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Di-Calcium Phosphate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, Di-Sodium Phosphate

Give themselves to creatine to maximize phosphocreatine levels, thus increased ATP levels, strength and endurance. Calcium, potassium and sodium are involved in the regulation of force generation.


Q: Can you tell me when, and why I should take Cellmass?

We recommend taking Cellmass as instructed on the label – post-workout and before bed.

Q: Will taking Cellmass leave me puffy, bloated and with stomach cramps, like some of the other creatine products I have tried in the past?

Cellmass contains a blend of creatine analogs collectively known as AVPT, which is an acronym that stands for Advanced Volumizing & Performance Technology. This multi-action matrix is a combination of four of the most highly sought after, absorbable and effective creatine analogs on the market today, such as Creatine Ethyl-Ester-Beta-Alanine dual composite. This is a form of creatine that is not only water soluble, but also lipid soluble, which allows it to be readily absorbed into muscle tissue. In the past you may have used creatine monohydrate, which is not water, or lipid soluble. The inability of this form of creatine to be absorbed across cell membranes leaves the creatine “sitting” outside both muscle cells and the intestine. By nature, creatine molecules are water hydrophilic, meaning they are water-loving. Since creatine monohydrate is left outside the cell, it naturally draws water to itself, causing cramping in the G.I. tract, and bloating of the muscles. With the creatine analogs of AVPT contained within Cellmass, you will experience superior absorption, uptake and delivery, leading to greater results and no bloating, cramping or that "water-logged" feeling.


Q: If I take Cellmass post workout, do I still need to take protein?

Without a doubt, YES! Cellmass provides your body with the high energy compounds phosphocreatine, ATP and electrolytes, which will help you recover and help increase performance for your next training session. These high energy compounds give your body the energy necessary to contract muscle tissue, however, you still need to supply your body with protein, as a building block and as a means to repair tissue. Further to that point, not only do you need to replenish protein post workout to repair muscle damage caused by intense training, you also need to replace the glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrate) that was used up during training. Glycogen is the body’s primary fuel source for ATP during intense anaerobic training, and must be replaced post workout. This is a perfect time forTruemass; our lean mass gainer. With a 6 blend of ultra-premium, time-released proteins, testosterone amplifying fats, and a precise complex carbohydrate blend, Truemass makes for the perfect compliment to Cellmass for maximum growth and recovery post-training.

Q: Will taking Cellmass prior to bed affect my sleep?

Cellmass contains no stimulants, so it should not affect your sleeping patterns.

Q: Why should I take Cellmass?

Your workouts stimulate muscle growth, and Cellmass supports this process by promptly replenishing the glutamine, creatine, phosphocreatine and ATP stores lost during intense exercise. By replacing these high energy compounds immediately post workout, muscle hypertrophy (growth) is accelerated; leaving your body primed and ready for your next workout. Taking Cellmass before bed not only fuels nighttime anabolism, but also provides an additional opportunity to further “top up” glutamine, creatine, phosphocreatine and ATP stores.

Q: Can you please tell me the difference between Cellmass and NO-Xplode? Both have creatine and help with pumps, but which one is better?

The combination of taking NO-Xplode pre-training and Cellmass post-training is called the “bookend” approach to supplementation, which is a means to realizing the greatest gains in muscle size and strength. Your first bookend is NO-Xplode. Take it pre-workout for incredible energy, an outstanding mind-muscle connection, and amazing pumps and strength increases while you train. Post-workout (your second “bookend”) and before bed you will take Cellmass. Your workouts stimulate muscle growth. Cellmass supports this process by promptly replenishing glutamine and creatine/phosphocreatine lost during exercise, and enhancing muscle cell volumization. To summarize, NO-Xplode is a pre-workout performance and pump-enhancing formula, while Cellmass is a post-training/nighttime formula, which supports faster muscle repair and recovery, and, thereby, growth. Though both products do creatine analogs, they are very different formulas and serve different purposes. One is not better than the other, and they should be thought of as a combination, and not mutually exclusive.

Cellmass contains glutamine, and Nitrix says to limit my consumption of glutamine. There are times in the day when my servings of Cellmass and NITRIX™ coinside. Can I take them together, or do I have to wait a certain amount of time?

When taking Nitrix, you are able to take your serving of Cellmass at the exact same time. The reference to the amino acid glutamine that we refer to is its free form state. An amino acid is typically one portion of a chain of amino acids that make up a protein. This peptide bonding, gives the amino acids strength and stability. By isolating an amino acid, returning it to its free form state, it may lose some stability, thus not absorb fully and efficiently. In the case of glutamine, unabsorbed glutamine converts to ammonia gas, which has been found to inhibit nitric oxide production. With Cellmass, we have given glutamine stability by bonding it to AKG (Alpha-Ketoglutarate). AKG is a Krebs Cycle intermediate and acts similarly to a leash. To simplify, the cells recognize AKG as part of the Krebs Cycle and as such, let it in, so to speak. Whatever is bound to that AKG, will enter the cell as well. So the glutamine in Cellmass is stable, lending itself to muscle recovery, and not hindering nitric oxide production.


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Manufactured by: BSN
BSN Cell Mass 1.76 lbs
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