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BSN AMINO X - 30 servings

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This supplement contains the new formula of carbohydrates and proteins which provides for effective body lean mass. It is a good diet addon for people hitting the gym and the body builders. It helps growth of muscles and recovery of the same.


The right proportion of carbohydrates and proteins ensure that all the nutrients depleted during training is compensated

It supports anabolic activity at the cell level enabling immediate absorption of the supplement

It hastens muscle repair at the earliest ensuring less fatigue and more stamina

Powerful training sessions are possible with this supplement allowing for muscle endurance

It also aids glycogen resynthesis


The supplement contains the following ingredients.

Amino acids forms one of the main ingredients. The other ingredients include carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals like sodium, potassium. One scoop of the supplement consists of 14.5 g of powder. There are a total of 30 scoops of powder in the container. The supplement has added flavors and sugars. 1 scoop needs to be mixed with water or skimmed milk and consumed with breakfast. Results will be seen within 3 to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks you need to stop the supplement for 4 weeks before restarting it. A lot of water should be consumed while taking the supplement along with a good diet of carbohydrates and proteins. 120 oz of water is recommended per day.

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Manufactured by: BSN
BSN AMINO X - 30 servings
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