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BPI Sports PUMP-HD 30 Servings

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Manufactured by: BPI Sports
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We always hear the term “muscle pump” in the gym and bodybuilding magazines, but what’s the real deal? The most famous bodybuilders of all time describe it as the best feeling you can ever get in the gym; when your muscles feel so pumped that they are about to explode. The veins in your arms are bulging out of your skin and you walk out of the gym looking twice as big as you did when you walked in. It’s the standard by which we measure the effectiveness or productivity of our workouts.

This “pump” that each of us chase is the ultimate blood infusion into the muscle. So what causes this “pump”? It’s very simple actually. It is repeated muscular activity, such as concentrated and intense weight training repetitions, that trigger the body to open the floodgates of nutrient and oxygen rich blood into the muscle. This in turn equals bigger, fuller muscles during your workout and ultimately new muscle growth.


Unfortunately, Nitric Oxide products have become synonymous with the word pump. It has been a constant debate as to whether or not PUMP products have a place in a TRUE BODYBUILDERS’ regimen. The answer is of course YES. A REAL pump product that is, but we need to get with the program.

So, let’s get this straight once and for all; NITRIC OXIDE is a gas, and an incredibly unstable one at that. In fact, NITRIC OXIDE, in simplest terms, is a combustion byproduct. You CAN NOT take a pill, an injection, or a drink of NITRIC OXIDE and harness the benefits! So, what if there was something that you could take that would support a TRUE MUSCLE PUMP – A PRODUCT THAT REALLY DOES WORK? The scientific development team at BPI SPORTS has created just such a product: PUMP-HD™* .


Look, there is definitely a place for stim’d out, super fanatical energy based pre-workout powders that take your mind, body and workout to insane places. Ever hear of 1MR™? Yeah, you get our point. However, what about anyone out there looking for that PURE, UNADULTERATED, MUSCLE BUILDING PREWORKOUT with big doses of proven performance, strength, muscle and pump enhancing ingredients?* PUMP-HD™ is the PREMIER PRE-WORKOUT MUSCLE BUILDER and the most dedicated all around BLOOD PUMPING MACHINE on the planet! It is an A-to-Z COMPLETE PRE-WORKOUT that is designed to make every training session a series of “show and tell” workouts for everyone else in the gym. Remember everything we just said about that true, ultimate muscle pump? This is the product that you’ve been waiting for. PUMP-HD™ is the JUICE that is definitely worth the SQUEEZE.

The ENERGY in PUMP-HD™ is well contained mind candy. It is a constant feeding frenzy of focused energy and pump perfection that will fill every muscle in your body like a Nobel Prize winning science experiment.* This ENERGY is designed to put your mind and body in motion. This ENERGY is designed to build muscle, not move around it. It is the ENERGY that forces each and every contraction of the muscle and the blood that follows. It will force you to do more repetitions in a shorter period of time. Bottom line…Each and every action GETS an equal REACTION.

PUMP - HDis the perfect old school "NO SECRETS ON THE PANEL" Muscle Builder with the absolute best of cutting edge modern science and innovation.

PUMP-HD™ contains the clinically tested form of BETA-ALANINE, CarnoSyn®, which has been suggested in groundbreaking research to be the gold standard for improving performance, power, stamina, and endurance.* CarnoSyn® works as a lactic acid buffer, reducing fatigue and increasing exercise capacity. In short it allows you to train harder and longer. In fact, research shows that each dose of CarnoSyn® literally builds on the dose before, and that performance continues to increase with ongoing use. PUMP-HD™ also contains ORNITHINE AKG for its pro-anabolic and anti-catabolic effects, CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, the most researched muscle building supplement on the planet, LEUCINE, for stimulating protein synthesis, and a pump and vascularity instigating profile unlike any other. To complete this lean muscle building formula we’ve added an advanced ELECTROLYTE blend to rehydrate and refresh for maximal muscle output. PUMP-HD™ is a model of perfection and the greatest PRE-WORKOUT formula ever created. Nothing has ever been this complete. Nothing has ever delivered these results.


How many pounds of steel and iron are you going to throw from one end of the gym to the other until you get it? How many times are you going to ask some dude in the corner of the gym what he’s doing that you’re not?

Here’s the bottom line…It’s not what you do when you step inside a gym, it what you do when you’re outside of it. Why do I say that? Simple, you’re in the gym 2 hours at most during the day and the other 22 hours you’re not. You need to put the proper nutrients, in the proper doses, in your body to maximize your training and maximize your results.* You want the insane skin tearing pumps? Well then, stop wasting your time and money buying products that do not work.. Want a real pump, real workout and real results? PUMP-HD™ will allow you to “connect the dots” to ABSOLUTE MUSCLE CONTRACTION and MIND CONNECTION.

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Manufactured by: BPI Sports
BPI Sports PUMP-HD 30 Servings
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