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  • Celebrity Interviews

    Life is not a bed of roses for everyone. To gain something one has to give up many things. Take a look at who has gained what.

  • Contest Preparation

    Check out the latest techniques and trends used by bodybuilders to get those rock solid muscles. Also know what happens behind the screens of bodybuilding contests. 

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Be well on your way to lose those extra fats and achieve a toned body without giving up your favourite delicacies.

  • Indian Bodybuilders

    Building body is not a child’s play. Dedication, determination and discipline are the three factors that help a common man become a champion. 

  • Motivation

    Get inspired by these highly inspired thoughts and ideas. Bring out the real you from within by the awe inspiring ideas.

  • Sports News

    Get latest sports news and updates from India and World. We offers sports news update and sports headlines on cricket, football, basketball Etc

  • Supplements

    Does your body get all the nutrition it requires through the food you eat? What more can you do to supplement the deficiency?

  • Weight Loss

    A zero size will never make you smart; in fact a slim and toned body with a graceful glow on your skin is what which every woman would envy. 

  • Workout & Training

    How effective is an organized workout routine beneficial in building muscles and leading a healthy life?

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