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Stamin Whey Protein - 8 lbs

by: Stamin

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The only whey protein combined with BOVINE COLOSTRUM + ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (ALA) + Glutamin.  Colostrum is Life’s First Food and optimizes the immune system of healthy and chronically ill individuals.  ALA is a potent Antioxidant and destroys free radicals. Glutamine protects muscles from damage, strengthen and repairs damaged muscle.  The chocolate flavour is fantastic.

The best WHEY PROTEIN among all brands of WHEY PROTEIN in India

100g of WHEY PROTEIN CONTAINS 83g OF PROTEIN MIX.  THERE IS NO ADDED SUGAR, ADDED CARBOHYDRATE IN 100g OF STAMIN WHEY PROTEIN IS ONLY 13G.  Stamin Whey Protein is a must for all Body Builders and Atheletes

  • Promote anabolism.
  • Prevents & Repairs Muscle damage.
  • Stimulate Muscle building Hormone & Testosterone.
  • High Biological value & Protein efficiency ratio.
  • Rich in Amino Acids.
  • Ideal supplement for all especially Body Builders & Athletes.
  • Increases Pumping effect in body
  • Chocolate flavour




 Per 100Gm powder




 Protein Mix



















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Stamin Whey Protein - 8 lbs

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