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Muscletech HydroxyStim - 100 Caps

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  • Manufactured by: Muscletech

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HydroxyStim is a pretty new diet pill from MuscleTech, a heavyweight in the diet pill and health supplement business. They have distribution in all the major supplement retailers and have no small budget for product development, so we weren’t surprised that they spent a reported 18 months developing HydroxyStim.The “Stim” refers to stimulant, so what does Hydroxy Stim offer other than some caffeine like every other diet pill out there?

HydroxyStim Ingredients

Boasting 5 of the “purest, most potent” ingredients ever, each pill of HydroxyStim (3 are to be taken daily) contains:

  • Geranium Extract (geranium robertianum) – 177 mg
  • Caffeine anhydrous – 100 mg
  • Deanol bitartrate (with DMAE) – 17 mg
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract (pausinystalia yohimbe) – 40 mg –  contains yohimbine and rauwolscine
  • Huperzine Extract (huperzia serrata) – 13 mcg

The geranium extract may be useful as a skin treatment when applied topically, but we have seen little if any information that suggets that it could help promote fat thermogenesis. HydroxyStim claims that it is “the only ultra-concentrated thermogenic to contain this exclusive, patent-pending and naturally sourced geranium extract.”  That’s great, but where’s the evidence that it actually does anything? The connection between the other ingredients and weight loss is equally tenuous, though there are some studies that show DMAE helping to improve muscle performance.

The main effect you will likely see is an elevated metabolic rate from caffeine.  This is definitely not unique and is an inexpensive ingredient to include in a diet pill.


Though the company claims that “HydroxyStim provides a burst of energy to give you a effective workout without any side effects,” unless you are stuper tolerant of stimulants you are likely to see one or two with the recommended dose, including:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Energy crash after a few hours

HydroxyStim Marketing

The HydroxyStim page on the official MuscleTech site is a beautiful thing. You’ve got flames and ripped dudes, comparison charts, a sexy promo video with high-tech graphics, and a simple explanation of why HydroxyStim is the the best thing to ever happen to dieters.  The overview for this “super-concentrated thermo-stimulant” promises:

  • Thermogenesis – calorie burn, which refers to the caffeine.
  • Energy – basically the same thing as calorie burn.
  • Focus – sort of proven. huperzine “might” do help with this.
  • Intensity – “an overwhelming physical drive that makes you feel unstoppable” – we’re not sure how they’re supposedly making this happen.

HydroxyStim Price

Selling for a premium $60 per bottle (100 ct), you are definitely paying the extra dollar for the fancy marketing on a diet pill from a well-established company.  Given that the most effective ingredient seems to caffeine, which is super cheap, you’re mainly paying  for marketing costs.

HydroxyStim Guarantee

Luckily HydroxyStim does come with a money-back guarantee, but only if you pay full price from one of the authorized dealers. You can find it for cheaper other places online, but without the satisfaction guarantee. In any case, it’s good to see this kind of confidence in HydroxyStim.

HydroxyStim Conclusion

At the end of the day, for all its polish, HydroxyStim doesn’t really outshine any of the generic diet pills out there with caffeine plus “exclusive” and “patent-pending” ingredients.  We’d love to believe that this formula can help you lose weight better than any other product, but we’re going to need to see some proof before recommending it over the top rated diet pills out there now.