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British Nutritions Slimlife - 500 Gms

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A wholesome meal in a glass.

SlimLife™ is a simple, easy and healthy way to stay fit and slim.It is a perfect and balanced blend of all the vital nutrients your body needs every day.

It is a meal replacement formula that provides you with no less than 200 kcal and no more than 400 kcal per meal. This meets the Bureau of Indian Standards guidelines and is perfectly safe for consumption.

One glass of SlimLife™ can keep you off hunger pangs for up to six hours. And that means no craving to eat at odd hours and no putting on extra weight.

SlimLife™ provides the body with all the essential proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and calories. Therefore it is the ideal supplement to stay in shape and boost your immunity levels.

It is also wholly vegetarian and is made only with natural ingredients.

  • Manufactured by: British Nutrition