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3in1 Heating Vibrating Magnetic Sauna Belt

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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
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Original Slim Belt helps in fading off the excess cellulite from the body, making your body beautiful while relaxing your muscles. On top of it, you don’t need to leave your homes. The belt spots the problematic parts of the body and scrubs out toxins and excess fat from your body.

Original Slim belt 3in1 with its effective vibrations sucks out the micro fat cells from the belly part burning the double amount of fat when compared to other sauna belts. It gives an effective Vibrating therapy, which helps in reducing the accumulated fat from thighs, tummy & buttocks. Rather than doing those exercises that isolate your butt or quads as lunges and squats do, try out this combo belt that tones as well as relaxes your body at the same time.

  • Magnetic Therapy: Improves Blood Circulation, which helps in avoiding clotting.
  • Heat Therapy: Melts excess Fat and the Heat helps in relieving Pain in the body.
  • Vibrating Therapy: Loosens the Fat for faster burning and thus reduces fat when used on effective areas, Tummy, Hip, Thigh, back etc.
  • Slim Therapy: It produces heat, which helps in, reducing pain and swelling; and helps in weight loss.

Original Slim belt Benefits:

  • It is safe and simple to use.
  • Gives instant slim look.
  • Vibration and magnet therapy.
  • Get quick results with regular use.
  • It helps in reducing cholesterol.
  • Works as a massager and gives relief from pains.
  • Just wrap it around your waist for about 50 minutes at stretch and relax. It has an attached timer with auto shut down.
  • The perfect combination of heat melting down fats and shedding off those extra inches rapidly.
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Manufactured by: Indiasupplement
3in1 Heating Vibrating Magnetic Sauna Belt
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